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Mar 7, 2003 10:16 AM

Chapel Hill: Jade Palace

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The wife and I stopped in at Jade Palace in Main Street in Carrboro to try our most local Chinese restaurant. We were told by a Chinese colleague to request specifically "Chinese-style" Chinese food and to request that it be prepared by Chef Chan. We've often pulled this kind of stunt at other restaurants with good results, but here nobody seemed to know what we were talking about, and ordering took about 20 minutes of complicated negotiation. We finally managed to convey that we wanted to leave the menu to the discretion of the chef. We received a dish of beef and scallops in watered-down hoisin sauce, and an attempt at salt-and-pepper chicken that alarmingly reminded us of McNuggets. This is a restaurant woefully set in its ways, to wit, serving so-so American-style Chinese food to Americans.

Our Chinese woes continue! I tell you the first person to open a decent Chinese restaurant in this area will make a million dollars.

David A.

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  1. hey, a thread from 2003!

    Has anyone noticed a severe downturn in quality of the food at Jade Palace? I've been getting takeout and eating in for about fifteen years, and it very recently has become much worse. The doughy steamed dumplings we love have been replaced, the won ton soup suddenly has no flavor, and cabbage has become much more prevalent than other vegetables in the entrees. I would rather pay higher prices and keep the food the way it was, I assume this is from economic necessity. Too bad, we won't be going back.