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Feb 1, 2003 08:34 PM

Vietnamese in Atlanta

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I'll be rolling into Atlanta on Wednesday and I am hoping to be able to get some tasty Vietnamese food. Could anybody suggest some good Vietnamese places for dinner? Transportation shouldn't be a problem.

I checked out the menu online for the Vietnam House which was recommended by a fellow 'hound below but the prices seem a tad steep ( 14.95 for hot and sour soup!!??? ). Perhaps a place with slightly lower prices.

I'm open to a place with Pho, various rice/noodle plates and claypot dishes.

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  1. It's a bit of a hike, but up 85, on Pleasant Hill and Satelite Blvd is a place called Siagon Cafe. I think it's pretty new, with a nice interior. Excellent food, (pho and rice dishes), and reasonable prices. I've eaten there at least every other week since I discovered it last fall. A definite "must" in my book! (almost completely Vienamese customers and nearly every table is full each time I've been there.) Give it a try!

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      steve drucker

      Vietnam house is reasonable--the $14.95 soup (we prefer item C-9) serves three people as a main course.

      There are easily a dozen non-descript (neither great nor terrible) pho places on Buford Hwy.

      You get what you pay for..

      That said, John Kessler, the Atl Journal/Constitution food writer, published a column several weeks ago averring that the best Vietnamese cuisine in Atlanta is not on Buford Hwy, but on the South Side.

      We haven't tried his suggestions yet, but the link to Kessler's review is below. Please report on what you find.



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        I've posted about Pho Dai Loi on this board a couple of times now and gotten no real response. Not sure why.

        I'm telling ya - the Pho there beats Pho 79 by a long shot, and I like Pho 79! The fresh spring rolls and the iced coffee with sweetened, condensed milk are delicious as well.

        1. re: LizR

          Where is Pho Dai Loi? I've managed to miss your previous posts. Anything you'd for sure miss? And do they sell beer?

          1. re: Therese

            Actually, it is one of the places mentioned in the link to the AJC story a couple of posts up. Get off of 285 at Jonesboro Rd (between 75 and Moreland Ave exits). Hard to miss because Dai Loi is actually listed on the highway sign for food!! Head south on Jonesboro Rd. You will immediately pass a Home Depot on your right. Dai Loi is located just past the next little strip mall. It is set back a bit. Across the street is the Hong Phat market.

            I don't much like their Bun dishes - I think Pho 79s are better. While most folks seem to get the Pho or the "special" soup, which comes topped with shredded banana leaves and blood cubes, a fair number do get pork chops. Since we always go for brunch on the weekends I haven't noticed about the beer...

            Also, further down the street, on the left in another strip mall, is a place that sells three vietnamese bbq sandwiches for $5.

            1. re: LizR

              Thanks for the address and heads up.

        2. re: steve drucker

          From what I can see of the southside restaurants reviewed they seem somewhat Americanized. I have never seen any selfrespecting pho place serve sandwiches.

          I may give them a try on my trip to Atlanta this weekend.

        3. Since no one's actually listed some of the cheaper places on Buford Hwy, I'll dive in. I frequent Pho 79 in the Fiesta Plaza, just N of Clairmont. It's good for bun and pho, with the bun winning over others b/c the meat's well-spiced. There's also Pho Bac, just S of Chamblee Tucker. I go for lunch sometimes- the novel thing is that they have 3 different sized bowls of pho.

          For banh mi (sandwiches), I get takeout from Nhu Y Deli in the strip with Vietnam House, which is just N of Fiesta Plaza. Hong's Sandwich, further N (~halfway between Clairmont and Chamblee Tucker) is also good.

          I also had a very good sandwich at Pangea on Huff Road, W of Howell Mill. Not served by real Vietnamese, more expensive, but very tasty. Wasn't as impressed by their tortas, though.

          I've only been to Vietnam House for dinner once, but it was very good and worth it. But probably more of a group thing, since the entrees are multi-person size.

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            1. I have not had good luck with Saigon Cafe. It's watered-down and Americanized. Head over to Pho #1 on Buford Hwy. It's authentic and very reasonable. My favorite Vietnamese in town!