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Jan 30, 2003 05:00 PM

Black Mountain Bakery

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Passing thru Black Mountain, NC, happened upon a cottage turned into a bakery. Stopped by and was I ever surprised!
The owner was from New Orleans, therefore excellent coffee, and better yet a bread pudding to die for. Didn't try anything else in the place because I was too full (had a double order).

Wrote the name down but lost my notes. I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to find. The town itself is about 6 blocks large. This place is off the highway on a little side street. Look in the phone book.

I also noticed it was a community networking center, bullentin board with lots of notices, and responses.

Might also mention the only Chinese Restaurant in this town was exceptionally good and a huge surprise.

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  1. Black Mountain Bakery it at 102 Church Street. The number is 828-669-1626. I've never been to the bakery itself, but I've had desserts at the little German restaurant in Black Mountain who get their desserts from the Black Mountain Bakery. The German restaurant is called Berliner Kindl and is run by a native of Germany and his wife (she's from NC).

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