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Dec 31, 2002 01:23 PM

bbq sauce [moved from South board]

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Looking for a truely exceptional southern, preferrably Texas, BBQ sauce. I've tried about 50, but just haven't found the bomb yet. Can anyone help?

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  1. Try Stubbs Legendary BBQ Sauce

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    1. re: digger

      This is a sauce that I use sometimes. I like it a lot.

      "Roadhouse" is also good.

    2. Try Rudy's Country Store & BBQ "Sause" too. It's available via the internet.

      If you go to Texas, be sure to eat at City Market in Luling and get a mason jar of THEIR sauce to take home. That was the single best sauce I had on my BBQ journey in Texas.

      1. Mustard-based Salt Lick could be up yer alley.

        1. Have you tried Bone Suckin'? That stuff is awesome!

          1. List what you've tried first, so we don't spend time repeating things you've already tasted...