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Dec 5, 2002 12:46 PM

Breakfast in Raleigh?

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What's the best place??

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  1. Can't help with Raleigh but there are several great breakfast joints in Durham that I know of. My favorite is Rick's Diner on University Drive. Not much in the way of atmosphere but the food is widely varied, huge in proportion, reasonably priced, and most importantly, delicious. A close second choice is Elmo's Diner on Ninth St. Cool atmosphere and good food too.

    If you want a coffee and pastry sort of breakfast, Madhatter's Bakery on Main St. or Fowler's Gourmet on Duke St. have some really yummy treats and great caffeine concoctions.

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      I have been to Brigs, it was decent, but pricey for bfast. Atmosphere, none. If you like a good dive, try Finch's on Peace St.

    2. Big Ed's City Market Restaurant. Accept no immitations.

      1. Depending on where you are considering, I recommend Brig's