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Nov 26, 2002 05:13 PM

Japanese in Raleigh/Cary

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Can anyone give a review of Kashin Japanese restaurant(on Crossroads Blvd.) or Sushi-Thai restaurant (either the Cary or Raleigh location)?

Or, who has the best sushi/Japanese in Raleigh/Cary?


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  1. Waraji a little off Glendwood has the best sushi bar none. Dont waste time with anything else

    1. The best sushi or sashimi in raleigh/ cary is Wasabi in Mcgregor village in Cary the address is 107 Edinburg Suite 135.

      1. I agree with the poster that Waraji is the best around. I believe it is the most consistently great. I like KAshin and go there often, but have found them great or iffy at various times. I have tried the sushi at Sushi Thai in Cary and Raleigh and really couldn't recommend it. It is "fine", but the Thai is better. Neither are great, in my opinion.

        I agree that the sushi at Wasabi is good. I still say not as consistent as Waraji, but there is the benefit that you can get a decent cocktail at Wasabi.

        1. Little Tokyo over on Maynard. Absolutely great. Zero atmosphere, great food.

          1. I'm no sushi expert, but I've enjoyed two meals at Kashin. Their squid is the most memorable dish - sliced lengthwise, lightly battered and gently fried.