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Nov 12, 2002 04:38 PM

anything decent in Burlington NC?

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just moved to town and we are starving to death. Am I destined to lose weight here or can anyone recommend some places to eat?

thank you!!

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  1. k
    ken martin

    it's been a while....but ther was a veitnamaise resturant call "open Kitchen" off of queen st I believe that was worth a drive from w-s nc. don't know if it"s still there but let's hope. gso or downtown w-s a good bet good luck. e-mail me if open kitchen survived ken martin

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    1. re: ken martin

      Hey Ken,
      I won a gift certificate to bistro 420 last month at a golf tournament and when I went downtown last night to use it there was no Bistro 420?! Has the restaurant moved or have I completely lost the chance to celebrate my 'longest drive' award?

    2. I'm going to assume that you're new to the area, so my advice to you is to make the thirty-minute trek to Durham on I-85, exit on to the Durham Freeway (NC 147), and then exit at Swift Ave. You'll be able to find Ninth and Main Streets pretty easily, and in that area you have the choice of excellent Greek (Nikos), Lebanese (International Delights), seafood (George's Garage), French/bistro (Vin Rouge), nothern Italian (Parizade), and Mexican (Cosmic Cantina--be warned: this place is a dive, but their burritos are good).

      A little farther afield, you can find imho the Triangle's two best Chinese restaurants, Hong Kong on Guess Rd., just off I-85, and Eastern Lights near the vacant South Square mall. There's also a soul food place, Dillards, off I-40 on Fayettville Rd. For upscale dining, I'd recommend Nana's or Four Square over the Magnolia Grill. For New York-style pizza, with a thin, crispy/chewy crust, there's Randy's near the Wynnsong Theater, off MLK Boulevard in south Durham.

      Good luck with your quest. I don't think that there are too many good meals to be had in Burlington.

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      1. re: Sam Stevens

        I didn't want to look like I was putting down her new hometown, and perhaps my fellow hounds are tired or hearing me extol the virtues of Durham. But since you did, I'll let you take the blame! ;-)

        I'm really a big fan of the places to eat near downtowm Durham near Brightleaf Square. Besides, the ones Sam mentions, I also like Pop's (come early and pick up goodies at Fowler's Gourmet next door or pick up cool knick knacks at Morgan Imports on the other side). Torero's come closest to authentic Mexican, and Tosca in the West Village complex is a beautiful setting (the food is above average but not great). Another favorite thing to do is to eat and then go see a movie at the Carolina Theatre. They show indy and foreign films there. It has huge screens, large double decked seat area, and ornate decorations, like the movie theaters of yesteryear.

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          Hi, Sant

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        2. re: Sam Stevens

          Yeah, I used to live in Cary, but was relocated to Burlington. I'm not keen on driving 30 miles to Durham every time I want to eat out, and I'm sick of going to the same two places here all the time.

          Thanks for the suggestions though. I love Cosmic Cantina - when I worked in the park I'd go there weekly.

          I guess I'll just have to suffer along and live for those rare trips to Durham, Chapel Hill (mmm Carrburritos), or even Greensboro


          1. re: Sam Stevens

            George's Garage closed several months ago.

            1. re: jimingso

              Amazing how things change in only 8 years.

          2. n
            Neil McClanahan

            Hursey's BBQ has a good reputation, but I haven't been there. I don't believe it qualifies as a woodburner.

            I don't know about anything else. Greensboro has excellent restaurants, and it's about 30 min.


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            1. re: Neil McClanahan

              Whether or not Hursey's is a log burner has been a recurring mystery.

              I was sceptical, too, but the last time I went (a few months ago) there were fresh logs in front of the pit and plenty of ashes inside.

            2. i went to a restaurant called AZTECA in burlington about 4 years back and it is by far the best mexican restaurant i've eaten at when you consider quality of food and value. their mole is the best i've tried and the service is prompt. i know it's cliche to get mexican in nc, but man, i crave that mole weekly, and i haven't even been there for 4 years. i think it's on the main drag.

              1. Hillsborough is a bit closer than Durham (about 15 min. from Burlington I think?), and it has some nice restaurants. We recently went to Panciuto on Churton St. and had a very nice (but expensive) Italian meal. I've been told about some others, but have yet to try them. I'm sure if you did a search here, you'd find more. Also, Weaver St. is opening a branch in Hillsborough. Definitely worth a fifteen minute drive!