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Nov 7, 2002 07:32 AM

Top Restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC

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I'm interested in finding out what anyone thinks are the top restaurants in Myrtle Beach. Looking for 1) best fine dining, 2) best hole in the wall, and 3) best sushi.


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  1. Mr. Fish is an excellent hole in the wall seafood establishment that is run by two middle-aged Asian men. It is located on a side street directly across from the big pavillion amusement park in downtown Myrtle Beach off of Hwy. 17 South , turn left before the highway splits if you're coming from the North. Among the features of their ecclectic menu are sweet potato fries and ultra-fresh seafood specials that change according to season. Also amusing are their t-shirts with logo: "If it smells like fish, eat it"

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      Mr. Fish had the worst seafood I've ever eaten in this state. Sorry, I know some people like this 'little hole' but, believe me very little is fresh here. It was so bad, I even emailed the restaurant to complain. I wish it was everything it purports to be, it's not.

    2. Better ate than ever. Top end is Collectors Cafe, Sushi is Emi's in Pawley's Island, seafood is the Sea Captain's House.

      1. I think Chuck's Steakhouse is very good. And for great true Italian, try Luigi's on 61st Ave off Kings Hwy (17 Bus). For fish, Bonefish Grill is excellent at 7401 N. Kings Hwy.

        1. My hands down favorite is Dockside in Murrell's Inlet...especially the chef specials.

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            and hole in the wall....Prossers
            UPSCALE CASUAL....Salt Creek Cafe

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              We always hit Prosser's ay least once when we're down there. Enjoy Happy Hour at Salt Creek. Pints of Hoegaarden on draft for $2. I doubt there is a better value on the SC coast. Haven't been to Soho.

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              I really like Dockside, too. When I'm craving a nice piece of fried flounder this is my go-to spot. The other dishes I've sampled are very good as well (shrimp & grits, fried shrimp, rib-eye, chocolate cake, and others I can't currently recall). The view of the marsh is very nice and the service is some of the best I've experienced at the beach. They don't jam the tables right up next to each other either. I appreciate a little more each time I go.

              Capt Dave's Dockside Seafood & Beef
              4037A Highway 17 Business, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

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                I agree Capt Dave's service is top notch! The bacon wrapped shrimp starter is very good. I love the shrimp and grits too. oh and their oysters...yum!

            3. Believe it or not, Angelo's (an Italian restaurant that also has a buffet) has among the best steaks I have eaten ANYwhere.