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Dec 17, 2004 01:08 PM

Good 'ol Fried Chicken like Lou & Eve's

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I'm looking for good 'ol fried chicken like I had when I was a kid at Lou & Eve's Fried Chicken in Eugene. I used to go there with my family when visiting my grandparents. They had the best fried chicken..moist inside, crispy seasoned crust on the outside. Served with some of the best hand-cut fries and buttered toast from homemade white bread. And, the grand finale (Keep in mind I was 8yrs old) was a single scoop of vanilla with chocolate sauce topped with a alcohol-doused sugar cube that flamed on top.

Lou and Eve's is now a Burrito Amigos (or something like that), but when I drive by the old red house, I always imagine lickin' my fingers.

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  1. In the future, you might want to indicate what town. I assumed this might be a Seattle thread.

    Even though I grew up in the Eugene area and visit regularly, I have no answer, only a lament.

    Pan-fried, traditional chicken is a rare commodity these days. I don't know of many places anywhere that sell it. Even in the south it's becoming much more rare.

    I'll be intersted to see if you get answers. If anyone in Portland knows of some good pan-fried chicken with all the fixin's, please do tell.

    See the link below and look for Stroud's, probably what you're looking for. Too bad it's in KC.


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      Thanks Nick. Sorry I forgot...I'm in Portland.

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        Okay, I don't eat fried chicken out that much, but you should probably look to these places:

        Bernie's Southern Bistro

        Those would be my first attempts. I think Yam Yam's does fried chicken, but I've only seen it on the buffet and it didn't look good. Maybe made-to-order it's better. Also, I think it's deep-fried more like Popeye's and KFC, not pan-fried. The places above might pan-fry it. Give them a call or stop by and let us know what you find out. If I go to Bernie's, I'll try the chicken.

        Maybe some people will pop up with info.

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          There is always the Delta Cafe, but I think the fried chicken, like the rest of their stuff, sucks.

          YMMV, as lots of folks I know like the place. Me, not so much...

    2. One of my favorite spots is Fryer Tuck Chicken located at 6712 SW Capitol Highway in Portland tel 503-246-7737 (take one of the Barbur Blvd. exits south of downtown on I-5). Their location is kind of strange tucked away between a couple of streets. But their fried chicken is good and their special Little John Spuds with a savory creamy dipping sauce is good too. It's located adjacent to the Cider mill bar and they have takeout.


      1. Flo & Will were my relatives and as with many of us kids, I worked there for awhile. Great food and great service! I hate to tell you though that the toast was not from homemade bread, just white bread from the bag and we soaked the sugar cubes in lemon extract. I always enjoyed those sundaes!

        1. I just read your posting and would like permission to quote your comments of your childhood memories of Lou and Ev's. I am working on a book on the history of Highway 99 and we are including a section of the memories surrounding Lou and Evs. If anyone else has any memories that they would like to share, please let me know.

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            We ate there or got takeout from there a lot as a kid and when I was a young woman. One of my fav memories is of taking my grandfather there for his 80th birthday. He had champagne, of a sort, and regaled us with stories of the first time he tasted champagne as a young man on the Barbary Coast in San Francisco.
            Wish they were still around.

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              Just read your can email me at