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Sep 26, 2002 03:04 PM

BellSouth Pioneer Cookbooks

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I just found out about these killer cookbooks. They were put together by the BellSouth Pioneer Volunteers. There are about 12 states that have chapters that collected favorite family recipes handed down for
generations. These recipes were put together in separate cookbooks for each state. The cookbooks are huge...anywhere from 500-800 pages each! And the prices are only $8.50 - $12.75 per cookbook! I just
ordered a bunch of them from Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. I didn't bother with NC, SC, FL...those cookbooks didn't look as good.

These cookbooks should contain some really good barbecue recipes too!!

This will be the best $200 I've ever spent for sure. 18 big fat southern cookbooks for $204. That includes shipping too.

Here is the link to the website if anybody is interested:

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  1. I hope you're not disappointed in the cookbooks. The only ones I've seen are several of the Mississippi ones, and they're pretty standard of the typical church fundraiser cookbooks, with plenty of recipes for casseroles made with cream of mushroom soup. There are some great recipes in them, but there are a lot that are just so-so, as well.


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      Well, hopefully the other 15 books will have more than cream of mushroom type recipes.

      It's hard to imagine over 1600 pages cream of mushroom type casserole recipes in 3 books!! lol

      Some of the best southern meals I have ever had have been at church fund raisers!!

      I also feel good about where the proceeds are going.
      I don't have the time to do much volunteer work, but this might help them a little bit anyway.

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        Herb, I, too, hope that you are not disappointed. I have a couple of the Alabama books and three of the Mississippi books. There are a lot of replications -- one recipe repeated four or five times with a different name or some minor ingredient change. The books are so large that they will not open flat making it difficult to read the recipes. Maybe you will have better luck than I have had with them

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        Will someone please tell me how to get the Bellsouth Pioneer Cookbooks? My grandmother had given me the first two volumes and when we moved they got lost. I was devastated. I'd love to at least replace them as I loved the recipes in them. I tried the website to the store, but I couldn't find the cookbooks. It takes me to AT&T/Pioneer. Please help me?

      3. We've deleted some unpleasant responses. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish sincere enthusiasm from salesmanship, but we don't have reason to question Herb's motives in posting this. And, for what it's worth, proceeds go to charity.

        We appreciate chowhounds looking out to protect the precious non-commerciality of this discussion. But if anyone ever has doubts/issues about a posting, please email so we can look into the issue without creating a public brouhaha and antagonizing perfectly good posters.


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        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          Thank you.

          I have nothing to do with the BellSouth Pioneers.

          I stumbled across their cookbooks and ordered a bunch of them because I think it is a great deal....So, I just wanted to share the information with everybody here at the Chowhounds board. I didn't realize people were going to act that way. I could care less if anybody buys them, but I thought it would be nice to share the news.

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            Herb, please realize that people (probably you, too) hang around here because our discussion is unusually on-the level and sincere. That's because we work hard to stave off marketeers who try to exploit our trusting spirit for commercial ends.

            It's potentially a huge problem, and we're delighted this realization hasn't dawned on most of our users (it shows we're doing a good job!). But please understand that vigilance is required to preserve the culture we value here.

            We do ask people to report concerns to us privately at , however, rather than interrupt discussion and antagonize honest users like yourself. And I apologize for the tone of your respondents. But please understand that marketeering ("shilling") is one of the scourges of our sort of discussion, and it's in all our interests to all be on the look-out.

            Speaking of interrupting discussion...let's get back to the chowtalk!

        2. Like what's the difference between recommending these cookbooks and the many other cookbook recommendations I've enjoyed on this site?

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            Yvette S. Evans

            I need a phone number or address to purchase a cookbook.

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              This is the number for the pioneer phone office in Jackson Mississipp,( 601-961-1993) they can help you with ordering a cookbook .I called and made sure it was the right number . I hope I helped. AND I love my cookbooks, most recipes are easy to read and do not require alot of items you do not have one hand. But I love all cookbooks!

            2. My aunt who is now retired from Bell South had bought my grandmother one of the Bell South Cookbooks from the Georgia area. I fell in love with it and purchased that one and one other for myself. I've used it more than any other cookbook I've owned and that is saying something beings I own over 200 cookbooks. I never get caught in the kitchen without my Bell South one though!