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Sep 15, 2002 07:49 PM

Good Indian tacos in southern Oklahoma?

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Can anyone recommend a place in or around southern Oklahoma where I can find good Indian tacos?

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  1. Go to a pow wow or local festival and get one from a cart. They are not all created equal, but I don't know of any restaurants that make Indian tacos that I'd eat.

    To make your own, you can find bags of Indian Fry Bread mix in most OK groceries now. Get the kind in the plastic bag that comes from Ponca City. It is produced by an elderly couple - Ponca or Osage, I don't remember which. Or, 2 parts self-rising flour and one part buttermilk.

    If you want a real and much more authentic treat ask around about what local Native American women make the best meat pies for sale.

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      You're right about that, Betty. The best fry-bread taco I ever had was at a pow-wow in Maryland. Buffalo chili and hot fry-bread. Man. My friend's mother, a Choctaw from Ponca City (!), would also crank out a batch of fry-bread on special occasions. It ought to be our national bread, like the Mexican tortilla, but it seems most people never even heard of it.