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Aug 27, 2002 08:47 PM

Lexington (N.C.) BBQ Inquiry

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I will be heading to Lexington for my first-ever taste of the famous cue at Lexington BBQ. Are there any ordering tips I should be made aware of?


David A.

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  1. Order a coarse-chopped tray. You'll get roughly inch sized chunks of meat with outside brown. If you order a chopped tray (or sandwich) ask for some outside mixed in. I'd skip Speedy's and John Wayne's. They aren't wood cookers anymore. Avoid Stamey's Hog City Cafe and Henry James' at all cost. Stick with Jimmy's, Lexington #1, Smokey Joe's, The Barbecue Center, Whitely's, Cook's, Lexington Style Trimmings or Southern. There are other really good spots close to Lexington.

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    1. re: Jim

      Someone posted on Stamey's months ago - Supposed to be almost a shack outside of no where and hard to get to? Does that fit the description? Said it was the best "Q" in the state? obviously diagree. I would love to have the chance to see for myself, but that's going to have to wait for another time.

      One day, I will get to Lexington, too! actually, my dream is to take a "Q" trip and hit Lexington, Birmingham (Dreamland), Memphis (dry and wet rib places), Sweatman's in SC for their "pig out", some places in Texas that I'll have researched and finally end up in Kansas City at Arthur Bryants and the other great "Q" place whose name I cannot remember right now.

      Has anybody seen Arthur Bryant's huge brisket sandwiches and their ribs on the Food Channel? Incredible! Reminds me of amount of meat (pastrami) The Carnegie Deli's piles on their sandwiches.

      Hopefully, after finishing the tour in KC, my heart valves will still be working well enought for the long drive home. If not, what a great way to end it all....

      1. re: Chuck

        There are a couple of different Stamey's. All trace back to Warner Stamey or someone related. Stamey was one of the early barbecuers that was commercially sucessful. The most direct decendents operate Stamey's Barbecue in Greensboro. Pretty good stuff, especially the sliced. There is a Stamey's on NC Hwy 150 in Tyro, NC. Not very impressive. Pricey too. They also run Hog City Cafe in Lexington (at least they used to). At any rate Hog City uses a commercial smoker. The results run from mediocre to no better than cat squeezins'.

      2. re: Jim

        Jim -

        Have you been to Smokey Joe's lately? I went there a few weeks ago and while there is a small pile of wood outside, the pork didn't taste as if it were smoked. I almost made a posting here to get the BBQ spies to go to work on that place.

        I was really disappointed as it came nowhere close to my two favorite places, Lexington Barbeque #1 and The Barbeque Center.

        1. re: Brent Kulman

          Haven't been there lately but I'm passing through on Friday. I'll check it out and post.

      3. My only suggestion is to get a side of slaw. I know they'll put slaw on the sandwich, but (particularly at Lexington #1) the slaw is such a peppery/sweat/non-mayoey revelation that everyone should experience it.

        okay I lied. My other suggestion is to try the sliced barbecue. I prefer it to the coarse chopped.