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Aug 24, 2002 07:24 PM

Elizabeth's Cafe in Duck NC

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We have vacationed in Outer banks for years but never gone to Elizabeth's. Anyone been there? Is it as good as the reviews? Thanks in advance

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    Neil McClanahan

    We ate there once a couple of years ago and were disappointed. One caveat--it was New Year's Eve, but they were serving off the menu.

    Their wine list was outstanding. The food was OK. The place and workers were pretentious if not downright snooty. The service took way too long (maybe an NYE artifact), and the cost was outrageous.

    We have no plans to return.

    IMO, you are much better off to go to the Blue Point nearby (although it had slipped a little when I was there in May). Nicoletta's in Corolla is also good.


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      Thanks for the comment, we love Nicolette's and Blue Point as well. Have always wondered about Elizabeth's in all our years of vacationing on Banks have never done it. I like to relax on vacation pretention I don't need. We stay in Corolla and i like JK's as well. Always visited Pigmans every year, now that Bill Shaver has sold I worry if it will be good this year

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        Neil McClanahan


        I'd forgotten about JKs and their sister establishment (can't remember the name; it's in the same shopping center). I liked them, too.