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Aug 12, 2002 01:58 PM

Tourist dining in Eureka Springs, AR.

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Having recently completed a 5 day family vacation trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I'd like to comment on several dining experiences.
We had the BEST omlet at PANCAKE'S Family Restaurant. Huge and loaded, and biscuits and gravy on the side!!!
The very BEST DINNER we had was at MAMA SERRA'S SPAGHETTI HOUSE. The all-you care-to-eat spaghetti dinner was served to us homestyle at our table and was exactly what we needed with 2 teenagers. The meatballs were amazing. The sauce they said was homemade and was out-of-this-world good! I was pleasantly surprised by the bill. This place is a MUST!
I would recommend that you avoid Springs Chicken House altogether. Poor food quality served by folks who apparently would rather be doing something else.
Overall we had a wonderful time, lots to see and do, in what's called "America's Victorian Village".

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  1. I grew up in Eureka Springs, and there are several restaurants that I still go back for on a (semi)regular basis.
    The Oasis, a hole in the wall (literally) down a rickety set of wooden stairs off of Spring Street- ask any shop owner, and they'll tell you where it is- has THE most unique food I have ever had. They proclaim "The Original Ark-Mex Cuisine," and it is wonderful. Mexican food with a healthy flair (or is it the other way around?)-- their pork mole is wonderful, the potatoes on anything are to die for (come early- they usually run out of potatoes around noon), and all entrees come with a salad. They shop for every ingredient at the local stores every morning, and it is all made fresh daily, including the salsa. They've had write-ups in the New York Times, among other publications, and is a restaurant NOT to be missed. Again, though, it is unique-- only seats about 30 at a time, open air kitchen, locals reading the paper, self-serve coffee, etc. Don't be scared, and don't be in a hurry.

    Bubba's BBQ on Hwy. 62 has wonderful BBQ, chili, and french fries. As the sign states, "It may not look famous, but it is!"

    Sparky's Roadhouse Cafe has about anything you could ask for, and it's all wonderful-- enchiladas and nachos; burgers and steaks; platters with tabouli, pita bread, feta, olive tapenade, etc. My favorites are the tuna steak dinner, fried calamari, and black jack chicken sandwich. The atmosphere is funky, and they have 99 different bottled beers.

    Sonny's Pizzeria on Main Street has amazing garlic knots and wonderful pizzeria-style pizza. Try the Roman Supreme!

    Ermilio's, on White Street, is an amazing Italian place located within a Victorian Style house. Here, I would recommend the Sole Rosemary. Make sure you eat plenty of the roasted garlic that comes with the bread as well! It's a treat not to be missed!

    By the way, JPike, it's also called, "The City That Water Built" and "Little Switzerland of the Ozarks."

    1. I completely agree with pocobelle, my hubby and I are going to go to ES at x-mas time...and the restaurant for which I pine....the Oasis. Excellent. I mean...really excellent.

      Hey, by the way, is there anything we shouldn't miss in ES between x-mas and New Years?

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        I would second Ermilio's. I don't recall exactly what we ordered, but everything was excellent and the roasted garlic is excellent. And the homey setting would be perfect for Xmas/NY