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Aug 4, 2002 04:26 PM

Worst Q in Bama

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Not long ago, a new BBQ joint opened up in Wilsonville, AL. The name of the place is DJ's BBQ. Be prewarned. This is the worst tasting stuff I've ever eaten. It seems they cook it up at home and bring it to the "restaurant" in crock pots. The Q is greasy and stringy, the fries are greasy and most often cold, and the slaw is so vinegary its just horrible at best. I think the only things they didn't ruin are the chips (in single bags) and the drinks (from the fountain). If you are ever in Wilsonville, AL and have a taste for good BBQ, keep going. You won't find it here.

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  1. Tell us? How did you really feel about this place?

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      randal cooper

      You clearly haven't sampled the ribs at Fletcher's in Mobile. Assuming they're still open--it's been ten years for me and I still remember that somebody thought he could pass honey off as barbecue sauce. Ugh.

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        During that time Fletcher's has closed, reopened and closed again. The sauce I remember was a weird tasting red sauce that had Dr. Pepper as one of its main ingredients. I would go there occasionally because one of my friends loved the food. It definitely ranked toward the bottom of the pack.

      2. Where is Wilsonville??
        If I ever get there, I'll make sure to look for the nearest Dreamland.


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        1. re: Davwud

          Wilsonville is about 45 minutes south of Birmingham near Logan Martin Lake, I think. It's near some lake going towards Montgomery. Not all that much there--small out of the way town.

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            yes, Dreamland is in a class all it's own.