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May 21, 2002 05:14 PM

Gaugin Bistro in Atlanta?

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Is it still there (off 14th St. on ????)? I lived in Atlanta for nearly four yrs and left in 1998. While I was there this place was one of my favorites. A lousy location (I think it was right near the Cheetah strip club) but man, what great carribean/french fusion cuisine and the most friendly owners and staff. Just wondering bc I may be in Atlanta for a visit soon and would love to go back. Give me an update s'il vous plait.

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  1. I looked a couple of places (Creative Loafing archives, yellow pages, etc) and didn't see it. Don't think it's still there.

    Tell us what you like, where you'll be staying, and what transportation you'll have available, and I'm sure there are lots of places to suggest.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      My name is Philippe, i was the owner of Gauguin w/ my buddy Jacques... Thanks for your kind words, it was fun place, and yes the location was lousy (somehow i got suck in it). The place is gone and I am not in the restaurant business anymore. Back in the high end consumer electronic.