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Dec 6, 2004 04:06 PM

Walter's Waffles

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When I lived in Seattle back in 2001 I worked at 600 1st Ave (by Yesler) directly above Walter's Waffles. Walter made the absolute best waffles AND the best mocha I've ever had.

Before I left Seattle, Walter mentioned that he was closing the Pioneer Sq. shop and moving the shop to Redmond. Silly silly me, I never asked him WHERE the new address would be. And this weekend, when I visit Seattle, I'll crave those waffles once again.

So, can anyone help me?! I looked up "Walter's Waffles" in the Yellow Pages but only the old address is listed.

Thanks, Chowhounds!

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    The Lucky Duck

    By the way, more info:

    Walter looks to be in his 50's/60's, white hair, from Switzerland.

    His Belgian waffles are ~4" squares. He sold most of them to-go. He also sold panini sandwiches and delicious espresso drinks.

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    1. re: The Lucky Duck
      Olympia Jane

      Dear Lucky Duck,
      I don't know if his name is Walter, but darling beloved and I believe that the best mochas we have ever consumed are made by a handsome and very personable white haired Swiss gentleman who owns a little tiny cafe, "Arosa Cafe" on Madison on First Hill (aka Pill Hill). Said gentleman also makes waffles and paninis.

      Cut and paste below is last spring's Rebekah Denn Seattle P.I. article about Arosa Cafe. Perhaps this is the place?

      Friday, May 7, 2004
      Cheap Eats: Arosa
      The good news about Arosa, subtitled "The Waffle Cafe" on its waffle-logo'd cups and bags and signage, is that it does indeed have fine little "snack waffles" in a countertop case. The bad news is that those are the only waffles it has.

      I was so taken aback when I first entered the First Hill branch, assuming I'd discover a full-size fruit-topping experience, that I figured the mostly takeout cafe must be changing its focus (it's under different ownership than the Madison Valley branch, which has the same menu but more sit-down tables). But a trip down Madison had the same results: A handful of good grilled panini sandwiches ($5.40 apiece), excellent Fonte coffee, and a small case of round, Eggo-like pastries.

      Once the surprise wore off, the naked, hand-size snack waffles ($1.50) tasted absolutely fine (better when you wait for the fresh ones, of course). They were round, crisp-edged and caramelized, with deep square pockets, a pleasantly ragged edge, and an almost French-toastlike taste of cinnamon and honey.

      Paninis were thinner than the bread-loaded version that has become all too common in town, featuring different combinations of cheeses, meats, artichoke hearts and roma tomatoes. Best, to my taste, was the mozzarella artichoke.

      Arosa, 1310 Madison St.; 206-329-5881. Open 6:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday. Also at 3121 E. Madison St.; 206-324-4542. Open 6 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday.

      1. re: Olympia Jane
        The Lucky Duck

        It sure sounds like it! Even if it's not Walter, Arosa Cafe sounds like a good place to visit.

        Thanks a bunch!!!!

        1. re: The Lucky Duck

          The Swiss gentleman who runs Arosa and makes those incredible mochas and waffles (actually, his wife makes the waffle dough!) is named Hans. I used to work at Swedish and got my coffee from and chatted with Hans 5 days a week.

          1. re: KathyR
            Olympia Jane

            Methinks you are the true lucky duckie...being able to have Arosa coffee and waffles 5 days a week, plus a nice chat, just might make going to work worthwhile. And, your post makes me think that maybe Hans will know where in the world Walter relocated?

            1. re: Olympia Jane

              Luigi, at Luigi's Grotto, at 1st and Cherry (across from the Cherry Street Coffee Shop, just downhill from Zaina) was very chummy with Walter when I was there last Summer, and I bet they are in touch. Luigi is sort of the Mayor of that little block or so around the pergola. Good luck and please report back if you find Walter - to me he gets big points for the name of his cafe - Walter's Waffles and for the panini, yum. I would take them to-go to "brown-bag" lunch meetings and could count on hungry looks, so I sometimes got an extra and had it cut into smaller pieces for sharing. Regret to say I never tried the Mocha. Maybe I will get a chance still...

              1. re: mr.nelso
                The Lucky Duck

                I found him!

                I went to Arosa Cafe at 3121 E.Madison as soon as I got off the plane (visiting from San Francisco) Saturday morning. Starving, my friend and I ordered 2 waffles, a panini to share, a mocha and a chai.

                I chatted up with the lady who was working the counter, while she made my mocha.

                I: Who owns this cafe?
                Lady: I do.
                I: Oh! Very cool!
                Lady: Yes, there's another Arosa Cafe on Pill Hill, Hans owns that one.
                I: Would you happen to know Walter from Walter's Waffles in Pioneer Square?
                Lady: Yup! Victor's. Walter is at Victor's in Redmond.
                I: (*joy*surprise*big smile*) I've been trying to find Walter for 3 years!!! You just helped solve a 3-year mystery!
                * Smiles all around *

                Everything at Arosa was delicious. Thanks for the recommendation, Chowhounds!!!

                Sunday morning, SUPER EXCITED, my friend drove us to Victor's in Redmond. I walked into the takeout-cafe and GASP!!! There was Walter!!!! I was so happy to see him, and he remembered me from the Pioneer Sq. days!!!! I told him my story, and he was so flattered and happy that I found him, he gave me 2 waffles for free! **** NOTE: He only makes waffles on the weekends!!!! ****

                In all, I got 4 waffles to go, a chai for my accomplice-friend, and still my world's best mocha for myself. Walter tops off the mocha with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings.

                And it was as heavenly as I'd remembered it.


                Victor's Coffee Company
                7993 Gilman Street
                Redmond, WA
                Walter can be found in the take-out cafe next to the main restaurant.

                1. re: The Lucky Duck

                  The recipe for raised waffles has been split off and is now on the Home Cooking board, here:

                  1. re: The Lucky Duck

                    Victor's is great. It's our mid-ride (the road bike kind) stop for coffee and a baked goody of some sort when we head out to the eastside. In fact, I can't even imagine riding to Redmond without stopping there. Just remember to bring cash, they don't accept plastic. I will have to try the waffles next time.

                    1. re: ladeeluk

                      I used to work in downtown Seattle in the early 00's. There was also a Walter's in the Columbia Center. I went there regularly and got a waffle, and a pineapple-orange smoothie from the smoothie people next door. My normal breakfast in those days. Yum! I'm so glad to hear Walter is still in business. Maybe I'll run up to Redmond some Saturday and get a waffle. They were great!

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