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Atlanta to Roanoke to WV,-help along 81 and 77?

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My husband and I will be traveling from Atlanta to Maine and back and need suggestions for any chowish sites along (or off of) 85, 81, and 77. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am having trouble pin-pointing this area by reading the posts. Thanks.

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  1. Just did the 1-77 - trip from Florida to Pittsburgh - If you can get off in Lexington, NC, you'll get to try NC "Q" which is supposed to be the best in the state - I sadly never got to go - too far off 1-77 for us.

    There are lots of posts on places off the interstate to eat by some real experts like "johns" who really know the right places to eat at - good luck.

    1. In Wytheville, VA (exit 92ish) there is a little-old hot dogs joint on the square across from the city/county courthouse - Skeeters. It's right on US 11

      165 E. Main Street
      Wytheville VA
      (276) 228-2611

      Link: http://www.hollyeats.com/Skeeters.htm

      1. Roanoke has two of the Best. The Roanoke Weiner Stand downtown city market area. And the Texas Tavern, also close to downtown. Google choppedonion.com for pictures of the Texas Tavern. The Roanoke Weiner Stand is just down from Orvis on the market and across from the historic city market building downtown. Check the website choppedonion.com for more places.

        1. If you go through WV on I-77 try the cafeteria in the Tamarack Center at the Beckley WV rest stop. Yes a cafeteria, but it is ran by the Greenbriar Resort and has very good food. Also you get to browse the arts and crafts in the Center.

          1. About 10 miles from the intersection of I-77 and I-40 near Statesville, NC is a fabulous place called Keaton's BBQ. Their specialty is barbecued chicken. Its a little hard to find, as it is located out in the "country" a bit, and is open fairly odd hours and days. Check their website at keatonsoriginalbbq.com It would be well worth visiting!

            1. We just did the I-81 trip yesterday and found a place in a strip mall (I know, I am often skeptical, but the choices were limited). It was in Winchester, VA off the last Winchester exit heading south and the first heading north (sorry I am being so non-descript here) in a strip mall right next to the Apple Blossom Mall. It is a little Italian placed called Castiglia's and it was delicious Italian food. This was not just from me but from my Italian husband who is always a huge critic that Italian food in the south is not authentic. The salad was sub par but the main entrees were delicious. I had the chicken parmesan and my husband had a veal dish. Highly recommend the short trip off I-81 past all the chains to this tasty spot.

              Also, Mrs. Rowe's exit 222 off I-81, I believe, in Staunton is authentic old fashioned Southern food. Not sure if that is on your route or not but thought I would throw it out there.

              Good luck!

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