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Apr 19, 2002 09:06 AM

Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington

  • j

Does anyone have any suggestions for Wrightsville/Wilmington? I am interested in seafood and breakfast places. Thanks so much!

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  1. m
    mary jo clark

    Causeway Cafe for breakfast.

    I like the Dockside on the intercoastal for soft shell crab sandwiches.

    1. Port City Chop house is on the mainland maybe one mile from Wrightsville beach. Lunch Mon-Friday, Evening meals most nights. Moderate prices, good wine list. Variety of seafood. Ralto's (sp?) is located on Wrightsville beach 2-3 blocks after you cross the bridge onto the island. More of a bisto atmosphere food. The Raw Bar is in Wrightsville beach---lot of steam and fried seafood. Cold beer and casual. If you leave Wrightsville beach and go one mile to Military Cutoff and then turn right and go about 1 mile you will see "Tides" resturant on the right. Good seafood, a little upscale and okay wine selection. Back on the island, the Neptune is a old stand-by. Okay food, mostly fried, but it is where everyone will ask you if you ate at. Incidently, the shrimp season is just beginning and it will be a bumper crop. Make sure you shrimp is fresh, there is no reason right now why anyone should be using frozen shrimp unless they are trying to dump out their freezer. Bon appetite.
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