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Apr 15, 2002 10:36 AM

Greenmarket in West Palm Beach

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The Greenmarket, held on Saturday mornings indowntown W.P.B. just north of Centennial Square,is worth checking out. Finally went there after thinkingabout it for the last two years. This is what I found:Three or four vendors selling super-fresh local produce, including truly excellent tomatoes. Not cheap, but not a rip-off either. Some beautiful burgundy-colored ones that are sugar sweet.A Finnish baker that makes cardamom bread, superbpasties ( meat and rutabaga-filled turnovers) andsalmon pies. Also, Renaissance Bakery selling an astounding variety of custom breads. I selected thekalamata loaf. Delicious.Sisters in the Pot, some large Bahamian womencranking out hot conch fritters, conch salad, chickenw/stewpeas and rice and other savoury delicacies.A team whipping up gourmet omelets and wafflesand other breakfast treats. Three or four vendors ofcafe con leche, lattes and what-have-you. Other folks selling fresh seafood, cut flowers, plants,potted herbs, roasted nuts, etc. Not a bad way tostart the weekend.

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  1. I apologize for my sucky msn browser that makes allmy postings look as though they were written in German. It is not intentional. Also, I should have posted this topic on the Florida board; just wasn't paying attention. Now I feel better....