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Apr 1, 2002 09:34 AM

Good Italian Restaurant in Raleigh

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I am going to visit Raleigh Durham May 6th, can anyone help me find a very good Italian restaurant. I am from New York and visiting N.C. for first time. I would appreciate any help. Thank You

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  1. Look no further than Il Palio in the Siena Hotel, Chapel Hill. The chef, a close friend, is Italian, was trained in Italy and is arguably, IMO, the finest Italian cook in the USA. Long time consultant to Ritz Carleton and to the Sirio Maccione organization. Memorable grub! Look the Siena up on the web.

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      I agree about Il Palio. Great place with a great reputation. It is worth the drive from Raleigh to Chapel Hill.

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        yes i am italian and lived in nyc and raleigh. il palio is an excellent restaurant, gourmet, upscale. you won't find good italian elsewhere in this area. nina's in north raleigh was very disappointing. as was portbello's. i am picky when it comes to italian and would rather make it at home than eat it out and i know a good one. i agree with the nyer who told you to try the local cooking, the BBQ and Southern stuff is best here. good mexican too.

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          I ate at Siena in Feb and it was one of the worst meals I have had in recent memory. Crappy service, bland, boring and overpriced food. Look for another type of restaurant in the triangle. Not much good Italian food in the area.
          Drive to Richmond and eat at Mama Zoos.

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        Neil McClanahan

        Portobello's in N Raleigh is good.


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          Sorry, folks, Portobello's closed a few years ago -- and it wasn't really Italian. Since then, another restaurant has come and gone, same spot.

          BTW, we've had very mediocre experience at Nina's. After 18 years in Chicago, I can honestly say that the thing that I miss most here is a wide offering of good Italian food.

        2. Consider Nina's in North Raleigh. Only been once but really enjoyed it and plan to return later this month. Here's their website:

          1. Why would a visiting New Yorker specifically want to eat Italian food in Raleigh? This makes as much sense as a North Carolinian hunting down the best hushpuppies in Brooklyn.

            I am myself a New Yorker who frequently visits (and will soon move to) Raleigh. I recommend BBQ and the traditional Southern staples. Scan down the message board for specific recommendations solicited by myself.

            Good luck!

            David A.

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              Chu Boi from Raleigh

              No such thing as good Italian food in Raleigh unless you make it yourself.