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Mar 31, 2002 09:20 PM

Atlanta Israeli/Mediterranean, hummus, pita, falafel

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Anyone know of a good place for really fresh pitas with all the fresh trimmings? Have never looked for this in Atlanta but had great Israeli food in Miami recently which whet my appetite for it. Thanks.

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    Steve Drucker

    see link to previous post below...


    1. Places on my list to try are:

      Olive Bistro next to Variety Playhouse in L5P
      Cedars in Buckhead (Lenox Rd)

      I'll post as soon as we hit either of them. May have to try Cedar's for lunch this week.

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      1. re: Tater

        As always, I'll put the following refrain - "as of 2 years ago" olive bistro in L5P was no great shakes.

      2. My favorite falafel place in Atlanta is the Jaffa Gate located inside the Colony Square complex in Midtown (Peachtree and 14th St). Zero charm, cafeteria style dining, and I think only open for lunch. They feature a good number of other Middle-Eastern dishes as well, but I've always opted for the falafel.

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        1. re: Gus

          Jaffa Gate is my new favorite falafel pita restaurant in Atlanta and it is within easy walking distance for us. Thanks for the recommendation.

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          Manfred Petri

          There's the Campus Falafel on Cobb Parkway which has always catered to the Life College crowd who have their school just down the road. It's fairly good especially for the items you're looking for. Another more upscale place in Roswell is called Byblos. I've been there twice recently and thought it was very good although much pricey-er than the usual hole-in-the-wall falafel joint. Another place that used to be good, also on Cobb Pkwy, called the Mediteranean Cafe is now under new management and not as good as it was for the last 3-4 years—those owners apparently moved to Florida and opened something there.

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          1. re: Manfred Petri
            steve drucker

            re Mediterranean Cafe.

            We were there mid-march and original owners were too on a friday evening. Food was fine as always. Are you sure they have left?

          2. Another option is in a place called International Grocery in the Longhorn plaza. Its a strip mall on 120 loop, just on the Marietta side of I85, I think its corner of Franklin and 120. I've only had their falafel and kibbeh. Its not too bad. The best thing about the place though is the abundance of middle eastern grocery items and now also a halal butcher if you need one. Good selection of grains, spices, cheeses and other staples. Great price on bulk kalamata olives, about $5 for 1 pint container... Sure beats the $8.50 per lb at Whole Foods.