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Mar 19, 2002 02:16 PM

vegaterian Indian food in Greenville

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In Greenville, on Laurens Road, almost at the intersection of Pleasantburg Drive (291), there is a small non descript Indian restaurant/ ethnic grocery in a decaying stip mall. It is called "SWAD". I don't know what their health dept. rating is...and don't care too!
there isn't any real atmosphere to speak of and the food is served on disposable plates w/ plastic utensils. If you aren't bothered by any of that, then it is really worth a try. Every time I've eaten there, the person who took my order also prepared it, so it is not unlike dining in someones kitchen. Be prepared to spend some time...bring a friend to talk to, or a good book.
Unlike many Indian restaurants where the food tends to be a bit greasy and heavy, here it is surprisingly light. It is also completely vegetarian, so don't come looking for tandoori chicken. I recommend the dosa (a burrito-like wrap) and try the mango drink thing.

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  1. Thanks! This sounds like our kind of place. Will add to the list for road trip food. We happened upon a good Thai buffet in Asheville, near the airport I believe, which has been closed the last two times we have tried to eat there. It was cheap and great thai ice tea. Hope to get there this trip also.

    Once the car broke down in Greenville. The dealership gave us a car to use and sent us to a southern cafeteria type restaurant which was their favorite. The food was prepared by older ladies and was very acceptable--lots of veggies. It was in a strip mall with a dollar type store.