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Oct 12, 2001 01:52 PM

Iranian Food in Roswell?

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My Iranian students tell me there's a place in Roswell that's actually very good and very authentic--called Mirage, I believe.

Can anyone tell me exactly where it is? I live an hour east of Atlanta but know my way around the city. Roswell, though... give me an address and I'll try to find it.

Also, has anyone eaten there? What did you think?

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  1. Is it possible that you misheard and that the restaurant is on Roswell Rd rather than in Roswell? I've never been, but I think I found the address in The link below features a map showing where it's located. Man on the phone said the restaurant is Persian, which amounts to the same thing as Iranian. Go and try it and report back!

    Mirage Restaurant
    6631 Roswell Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    (404) 843-8300


    1. If it's actually the Persian place, I've been there for lunch once. They had lots of kebabs. I remember that mine, lamb I think, was very good, but I forget what else was on the menu.

      It's in a strip mall on the SE corner of Abernathy and Roswell Road.

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        Hi, Ted. You probably already know this, but I just want to clarify for anyone reading along. Persia obviously doesn't exist anymore, Iran sits where Persia used to be, and modern day Iranians, being, for the most part, the direct descendants of Persians, inherited Persia's culture, food and language. So, for all intents and purposes, Persian food = Iranian food and vice versa.

        I only wish I lived in Atlanta, so I could check this place out myself!

        P.S. Ted and Stacy, we have lots and lots of users so it's going to be hard for us to get to know the both of you if you use undistinctive names like Ted and Stacy. You might want to think about making up a creative nametag or at least trying to come up with something distinct.

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          in the interest of nomenclative distinction, i have decided to call myself stella b.--which is what most of my friends call me--however, since it's not my real name it actually increases my anonymity.

          i live an hour from atlanta but i am determined to get to this iranian place within the next month and then i'll report on it.

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        steve drucker

        Mirage is as good as it gets for Iranian food in Atlanta, although nothing like what we found at Sheherazad in the Westwood area of LA.

        The menu breaks down into appetizers, stews and kebabs.
        Try the mixed appetizer plate with dolma, a baked eggplant dip, feta and so forth. Also, order the appetizer that is described as the crusty rice. If you've ordered those two appetizer courses, then split a kebab, and ask for the sour cherry rice or rice with barberries (neither are sweet). This is enough food for 3 very hungry people.

        Location: Mirage is on Roswell Road at the southeast corner of Abernathy, in a strip center with a Publix Supermarket. Easiest way to get there is GA 400, exit Abernathy, go west on Abernathy, when you come up to Roswell Road turn left into the strip center and Mirage faces Roswell Rd on the near side.

        1. Mirage is my favorite, but all along Roswell Rd, from Abernathy South to 285 there are Persian/Iranian Resturants. Also decent is Salar, and there is Shaharazad. This area also has an Iranian grocery and several other Iranian businesses.

          Mirage is the best. Their menu is dominated by Kabab's, but the rice dishes never dissapoint. I suggest the best of both worlds by having your kabab dish's rice upgraded from plain/saffron rice, to one of the specialty rices.



            Best Persian Restaurante on Roswell Road , in Sandy Springs,
            Theire Lunch Buffet is great , from 11:30 am, to 3:00 pm, - M-tru-F.
            Weekend Belly Dancing .

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              Persepolis is decent Tizpar, but Rumi's, a mile south, blows it away.

              The best though in Roswell is Darvish