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Sep 29, 2001 10:52 PM

food studio/horseradish grill/south city grill in Atlanta

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Has anyone been to any of these restaurants? What's the word--great food, overrated, stuffy? Any input appreciated.


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  1. Despite the fact I'm not from the south, Horseradish Grill is a great name (and I'd hope great food) for a joint. Will you let us know where it's located?

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    1. re: berkleybabe

      The original location is in Atlanta, near Chastain Park in North Buckhead. It's in a neighborhood filled with trees and directly across from the "park". (The park is a golf course, baseball complex and tennis center with not enough park). It's a "must try" place in Atlanta (on the "gourmet" side of the scale).

      1. re: Gregg S

        To be slightly more precise- it's on Powers Ferry Road, just south of the intersection with Wieuca.

    2. I went to food studio years ago and thought it was very yummy but also very stuffy and VERY expensive--it's for special occasions.

      1. Not been to Food Studio. Supposedly a little expensive for what you get.

        South City Kitchen-It's been a couple of months but they have (had) really good food. Very good southern. Really liked the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese. Plan on spending $75 w/ wine. Good bartenders/bar. Like the midtown location and outdoor seating. Good atmosphere inside too.

        Horseradish Grill-It's been over a year since we've been, but it still gets really good reviews. Another twist on Southern "gourmet" (hate that word). Service is excellent. Really fresh ingredients. We had the pork chops and trout--liked both of them but just not memorable enough to return. There are so many choices like this in Atlanta (you've listed 3). Also plan on spending $75-$100 with wine. They recently opened a new one in the northern 'burbs. I'm referring to the Buckhead/Chastain Park location.

        I would recommend both SCK before Horseradish. Let us know what you think.

        1. Unless you're deaf or hoping to become so, avoid South City Kitchen at all costs. Food is only so-so, and the staff attitude is crushing.

          Food Studio is a personal favorite. It's dramatic and intimate (in the King Plow Arts Center). You will spend a bit (comparable to Dish or Harvest in VaHi), but you will be cossetted to a fare-thee-well and ensconsed in quiet luxury. The fall menu--their best--is hitting its stride right now.

          Horseradish Grille has been a travesty, food-wise, on all visits. Once Scott Peacock left (years ago), it's been all downhill since then. Course, if your inclination is toward Madras golfing pants with the full Cleveland treatment, you may find this to fit you to a T. Chacun a son gout!