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Sep 16, 2001 09:16 PM

Good lunch in downtown Atlanta?

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I moved to Atlanta about a year ago, and while I've found lots of great food, none of it's near where I work - downtown, at Georgia State University. I've been to Mumbo Jumbo multiple times, and while it's got a great-looking bar, I've been consistently underwhelmed with the food. I really liked the Fairlie Poplar Cafe, but it closed. I've tried several of the lunch spots along Fairlie Poplar, but haven't hit paydirt yet. I always end up back at Joel's, where at least they roast a fresh turkey everyday. Please, can somebody recommend some good food in walking distance of GSU, so I don't have to spend the rest of my career eating nothing but turkey sandwiches?

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  1. Aleck's BBQ Heaven supposedly moved somewhere down on Courtland just N of GA State. There's also the Italian deli in the Sweet Auburn Mkt. Sylvia's is slow and expensive but pretty good. And there's always the state cafeteria in the Sloppy Floyd tower (I think that's the bldg. name) across from the capitol. It's dirt cheap, decent for veggie plates, etc, and I don't think you need a state ID to eat there.

    At a slight distance, there's the Busy Bee Cafe out west on MLK towards West End and Thumbs Up is east on Edgewood.

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      There is a Turkish place (hole in the wall) over by Soups On that has really good food. I think that the red sauce they use on their donor kebab is quite bland, but they will gladly leave it off.

      I think the name is Ali Baba but I'm not sure b/c I always refer to it as "Turk in the Wall"

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        Thanks for all the tips. Time to start exploring!

    2. While it probably has a tiny eating space, The Soup's On on 53 Broad St. should have a variety of good soups and breads. We've eaten at its sister restaurant, The Great American Soup Co., in Vinings, and can attest to the high quality of the food served. Call to get directions: 404-688-7687.

      1. Hey Ted,

        Where's Joel's? My son goes to GA Tech and I like to do lunch or dinner sometimes with him down there. I love fresh Turkey!