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Sep 2, 2001 08:48 PM

Sushi in Raleigh-Durham

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Does anyone have opinions on Sushi in the triangle? I've been to 4 places so far. (please excuse my pathetic spelling, and lack of correct place names)

Yamazushi (on 751 at the woodcroft plaza)
good first time, bad second time. I've had better grocery store stuff, it was chewy, and grisly, even the salmon.

Place in Chapel Hill on 15/501 behind all the performan ce auto stores.
supposedly the best in the triangle. not. they couldn't even get the rice correct.

Place right off Franklin in Chapel Hill at the intersection with Columbia.
nice, lots of UNC kids, decent prices, small pieces of fish, but the proportions were correct.

Susil Sushi (54 & Fayetteville, right off of 40)
my favorite in the triangle. not traditional, but the quality is very good. their house rolls are very good. free embeke(sp) (soy beans) at the bar.

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  1. I'm no sushi expert, but you might want to try Sushi Yoshi. Look in the phonebook for the address, because I would just get you lost.

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    1. re: Ed

      No need for paper phonebooks and no worries about misdirecting anyone with I simply plugged in Raleigh, NC and Sushi Yoshi and came up with the following:

      116 Old Durham Rd
      Chapel Hill, NC 27514
      (919) 933-1773

      As a bonus, also shows you where the place is on a map. See the link below.


      1. re: Ed

        Waraji sushi has the worst customer service period! Not only do they know nothing about sushi bar etiquette, when I tried to very tactfully explain that it would help service if they would multitask the bar area better and give just a little food at a time, instead of bringing my whole meal 1 hour later at the sushi bar! I mean comon! I like ordering a few sushi orders and go from there what i want to eat not starve for an hour and then get the whole thing, thats not sushi bar experience. The owner could have easily said I am sorry and let me buy you a 2 dollar sake and I might have come back but noooooo! He had to argue with me, attacking my character and basically ruining the dinning experience. Unbelievable, I should have paid for him to go to a customer service seminar! The bad service the long wait outwieghs the positive good fish by a long shot.

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        Katherine Williams

        Sorry for the late reply, I just found And on the Raleigh side I can vouch for all of the following locations.....

        Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse in Cary (across from SouthHills Mall) on Buck Jones Road. Eat there frequently for lunch. Have eaten in the steakhouse part for dinner on special occassions. One of their specialties is the NC State roll. It is red due to the flying fish eggs on the outside.

        Sushi-Thai in Cary on Kildaire Farm Road in Kroger shopping center, near Maynard Road. Both Japanese and Thai cuisines giving you some variety. Reviews on citysearch are mixed, but we have always had good food and service.

        Sushi Blues Cafe - downtown Raleigh on Glenwood Avenue (across from Hard Times Cafe). Have eaten there once or twice. Not spectacular in any area, but not many other choices for sushi inside the beltline.

        Little Tokyo Japanese Restaurant - small sushi bar in an intimate little restaurant in an awful strip shopping center on Maynard, just north of Cary Towne Center Mall and just south of Chatham Street.

        Don't know the name of it and can't find it online, but there is also a good sushi place in North Raleigh on Six Forks Road at the corner of Sawmill in Celebration of Six Forks shopping center. Haven't been there in more than a year, but used to go there for lunch pretty frequently. Yummy!


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          Chu Boi From Raleigh

          The little Japanese place on Hillsborough St right before you get to Meredith is very good only some of the waitresses are bitchy. I suggest you eat at the sushi bar.

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            Fred Schwartz

            there's a Chinese buffet at the intersection of Millbrook and Atlantic Called Royal China. Not only is it a pretty good buffet but they also have a sushi table and a dim sum table. Not bad for $9-$10.

            1. WARAJI.... WARAJI.... WARAJI....WARAJI... WARAJI... WARAJI....

              this place sets the precedent for raleigh sushi... it's real convenient to durham, too. just take 70 towards raleigh and then take a rt on duraleigh rd. or blue ridge rd. it's right near where duraleigh turns into blue ridge, and it's in a strip mall, but don't knock it til you try it... we're in nc, not seattle, so some of our best sushi places here are, unfortunately, strip mall eateries. theirsushi chefs are the best i've seen south of the mason-dixon, and the toro is the best i've tried in the triangle.

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              1. re: MOOKIECOOKIE

                Has anyone been to Little Tokyo in Chatham Square (Cary)? I went there for lunch recently and thought it was really good. But then I'm not a sushi afficionado.