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Sep 2, 2001 04:09 PM

Pierogies in Atlanta?

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Does anybody know of a place where I can find pierogies in Atlanta???

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  1. The only place I know of is the Heaping Bowl & Brew in East Atlanta.

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    1. re: ted

      The Heaping Bowl has been closed for abut a year now. Alas.

    2. Heaping Bowl & Brew was good the one time I tried it three years ago. On the square in Decatur is a brickfront bar with a bell on it (Brickhouse Tavern?) Pierogies were topped with healthy-yuppie-veggie stuff. I'd have noticed if I'd seen any others.

      1. Hands down, the best pierogies in Atlanta are at The Brick Store in downtown Decatur, next to old City Hall. They make it with portobellos and peppers in a cream sauce....AMAZING!

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        1. re: albrownatl

          And for quaffing, The Brick Store has a remarkable array of ales from all over the world. The perfect pairing for pierogies. (albrownatl, now there's a provocative handle).