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Mail Order North Carolina BBQ

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Does anyone know of a good restaurant where I can get N.Carolina BBQ (Specifically pulled pork) shipped directly to me? (I live in Boston) thanks.

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  1. Awhile back, we were "discussing" NC BBQ on the Chicago Board. Here's what one poster told me... [Link]

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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    1. re: Erik M.

      Thanks. Dumb question, but does the BBA pork come pre-cooked? If it does. what is the best way to heat it up?

      1. re: Alan Johnson

        You know, I should have been more clear in my post. Pigman was recommended to me, but I never tried it. I forwarded the info. in an attempt to be helpful. [NB Someone else on this thread has already panned Pigman.] I'll hazard a guess, though...It'll be pre-cooked, finely-chopped, and mixed with the sauce. Shipped frozen, in a tub.

        Erik M.

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      Todd Phillips

      I heard recently that Wilbur's Barbecue in Goldsboro, N.C. has some kind of delivery service. It has served great barbecue for more than 40 years. Its telephone number is 778-5218. The telephone area code is probably 919, but N.C. has gotten several new area codes in the last couple of years and Goldsboro may have a new area code. Good luck!

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        Wilber's is one of the best two or three eastern NC joints still in business. Stick with them. They cook split pigs over oak embers and the result is exceptional. Only the Skylight Inn or Bum's (on a good day)in Ayden can top them. Pigman on the other hand, uses electricity which relegates them to the "roast pork" heap of disgarded NC culinary culture. If mail order is available from Wilber's, you can't go wrong.

        1. re: Jim

          "if mail order is available from Wilber's, you can't go wrong."

          unless you could have gotten your barbecue from Allen & Son's (the chapel hill one, not the pittsboro one).


          1. re: ben fisher

            Right you are !! Don't know how Allen & Son slipped my mind. When I was in college, they had a store on Hwy 54 outside of Graham with an honest-to-goodness pit and an enormous pile of wood out back. I enjoyed many cholestrol-bomb lunches there.

        2. re: Todd Phillips

          I have an office in goldsboro and the area code is still 919. That allen and sons was just written up in worth magazine.. Did anyone see Al Rokers special on BBQ he went everywhere...lucky job

        3. Bob Melton's Barbecue:
          501 Old Mill Road, 252-446-8513
          Sells frozen chopped eastern NC BBQ for shipping; they may refer you to the local Mail Box Etc., which does the shipping part, I believe. Founded on the banks of the Tar River, this restaurant has moved from its original location due to the Hurricane Floyd flood of 1999, but is continuing to crank out good 'cue.

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          1. While I certainly hope the OP has found good mail order 'cue in the eight years since they posted, in case anyone is still looking, Ole Time BBQ in Raleigh also does mail order.


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            1. re: Suzy Q

              just called ole time barbeque to order and they are no longer shipping any meat, just sauce, hush puppy mix, etc. OMG what a loss!!!

            2. King's BBQ in Kinston, NC does a big mail order business. Good quality bbq, although I can't vouch for it frozen.


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              1. re: Naco

                LOL Naco, I was going to mention King's but didn't for fear that you'd eviscerate me.

                Mrs. W and I stopped at King's as part of a seven-bbq one-day pigout (pun intended of course) on a drive down to Myrtle Beach. This was back in the pre-chowhound days, so I actually had to use "books" (e.g. Roadfood) to plan the itinerary. LOL

                Anyway, I don't remember too much about King's cue (we limited ourselves to a single sandwich at each place) but I do remember getting what might have been the worst cup of coffee I have ever had in my life. Chowhound lesson: Barbecue and coffee DO NOT MIX. Stick to sweet tea.

                In case you're wondering, the itinerary included Parker's in Wilson, Wilber's in Goldsboro, Skylight in Ayden, King's in Kinston, Moore's Old Tyme Barbecue in New Bern, possibly Melton's (RIP) in Rocky Mount, and a place called Belle's in Ocean Isle NC that we had to hit the following morning and served us clearly reheated cue. Just awful. Overall, great trip and if I do say so pretty well planned given the limited resources (this was even before I had my Bob Garner books). The trip also included the most harrowing stretch of driving I have ever done in my life -- US 17 post-sundown between Jacksonville NC and Wilmington NC. Utterly terrifying.

                1. re: Bob W

                  King's is actually pretty good, despite being cooked on gas. I just don't mention it often, because it's 10-15 minutes from Pete Jones in Ayden and 15-20 minutes from Wilber's in Goldsboro, so if you're in that neck of the woods, those would be the places to go for barbecue. But if you were confined to Kinston for some reason, you could do a lot worse.

              2. Smithfield's BBQ ships. Lean,good stuff. Here is the website, www.weshipbbq.com

                1. The best NC BBQ that can be delivered is by The North Carolina Barbecue Company, bar none.
                  They ship both styles, Eastern and Piedmont, and it is actually smoked while cooking. The sauces and and slaws are aweome and true to their regions. This is the only place to get Piedmont style (which has the bbq slaw and "Lexington-style" dip) on the internet. Hands down, best NC BBQ box that can be delivered. www.ncbbqcompany.com