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Aug 16, 2001 11:38 AM

Rib Ranch

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I was in the Atlanta area on business last week and had the opportunity to cow at Rib Ranch in Marietta. Thought it was pretty good Texas style BBQ. Anyone else been there?? Better suggestions for next time??

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  1. In the same town, just down the road from "the Chicken" is the Williamson Brothers BBQ. Top notch stuff. We make a stop every time we hit Atlanta.

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    1. re: Bob Foster

      Not sure what or where The Chicken is, but thanks, and next time I am down there I'll check out your recommendation!

      1. re: Alan H
        S. B. Cochran

        'The Big Chicken' - Local landmark/reference point of large, stylized, chicken-ish facade for a KFC in Marietta, Georgia, on NE corner of intersection of Cobb Parkway NW (US 41) and Roswell St NE (SR 120, NOT SR 120 Loop).....Enjoy

        1. re: S. B. Cochran

          We moved to Marietta in November and were really confused when everyone kept giving directions like "Go one mile south of the big chicken and it will be on your left." Once we saw it we couldn't believe it. I have heard that it was destroyed in a storm (some years back) and the locals demanded that it be repaired and restored. This Kentucky Fried Chicken (yes- that's what it still is) even has a GIFT SHOP! In a KFC!) Needless to say, we make all of our out-of-town visitors drive by at least once to see the 30 ft tall chicken with its rolling eyes and squawking beak! ;-)

          1. re: Trace

            After the Big Chicken was destroyed and KFC was "forced" to rebuild it they had a referendum about the style. The old Big Chicken or a new version. The old one won out.

        2. re: Alan H

          You can't miss if if you're on Cobb. It was a landmark 30 years ago when I was a kid and has recently been restored. Moving beak and rolling eyeballs... It's was a Kentucky Fried Chicken store back then. It may still be.