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Breakfast in Asheville?

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Looking for a good place for breakfast in Asheville. I've been to the Moose Cafe, and to Cracker Barrel. I've read that the Cornerstone Restaurant is good -- how does it compare to the above? I like pancakes and French toast -- although I have to add when I had the French Toast at the Moose Cafe I wish I'd had the pancakes my other half had, and probably the pancakes at Cracker Barrel beat the Moose Cafe pancakes.

Guess there's always IHOP as well, but I think Cracker Barrel's pancakes were better, maybe it was just the ambience.



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  1. If you want some local flavor, try the Hot Shot Cafe in Biltmore Village or the Mediterranean in downtown Asheville. Melanie's Food Fantasy on Biltmore is good too.

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      Thanks. I know Asheville to some extent, visited off and on since 1950, really looking as I said for good pancakes/french toast/biscuits.


    2. If you feel like really splurging, try the Grove Park Inn or the Richmond Hill Inn.

      1. As you said, good pancakes, biscuits.......well look no further than the new Tupelo Honey cafe. I personally guarantee you the best biscuits you can get in any joint in town. Also, great eggs benedict, femininely named "eggs Betty", with your expected ingredients, but a biscuit instead of an english muffin, and a kicked up hollandaise, cajun style. YUM!! Ambiance is fantastic, although the service could use improvement (Asheville is cursed with some very, very bad waitstaff).

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          I would also have to put in a vote for Tupelo Honey on Patton Ave. Real tablecloths and napkins and gauzy curtains blowing in the breeze...
          Great biscuits, honey on every table, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.....my favorite for lunch as well.

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            How close is Tupelo Honey to I 40 / i 26 SPLIT? We are usually traveling through around breakfast and would love something decent instead of exit food!

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              tupelo is downtown, so 4 miles or so, and parking can be an issue.

              for even better breakfast closer to the split, try sunny point. take 240 into town from the split. just past the brevard rd exit you'll see an exit for amboy rd. take that. at the first red light turn left. sunny point will be on your left just before haywood rd. do a search for sunny point if you're not familiar with it; it's well represented here.

        2. Have been to all of the ones listed and still am searching. Currently I would suggest the Sunday brunch at the Grove Park (big $$), and don't forget Waffle House! The food is great and the prices are very reasonable. Maybe the best part is watching the show behind the counter.

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            Tupelo Honey, Sunny Point and Stoney Knob for brunch on Sundays are my favorites.

          2. I think Miss Piggy's on the right track....I'd add Limones to the mix - love their Bloody Mary's.

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              Thanks Leah...by the way, we tried to go to Limones this past Sunday (during Bele Chere) and they were closed! I was surprised, considering it was such a busy weekend...seems like they would have gone gangbusters. I checked out the menu and it looks great...can't wait to go back. We ended up going next door, to Ophelia's, and it was only OK. Thought it might have been better than the old BE now that they have remodeled it and reworked the menu. It was fine, but not great.

            2. Many downtown restaurants close during Bele Chere - too chaotic and often the people attending aren't interested in nice(r) sit-down meals and are only looking for a restroom or drinks. Too bad though for you.

              1. Tupelo Honey is a family favorite -- hard to beat. Discovered Sunny Point on my last trip to Asheville -- thought it was excellent.

                IF you don't have to have pancakes, try the West End Bakery in West Asheville (a few minutes from downtown). My wife had an egg sandwich, and I went for their signature cinnamon roll (which is huge, a real bargin at $2 and can be shared). I also had them bag a couple of peach scones, which I saved for breakfast the next day, and they were tremendous.

                1. We enjoy Early Girl for breakfast when we visit Asheville, although there are breakfast spots folks have mentioned here that I look forward to trying when I return to Asheville.

                  Our last visit to Early Girl was breakfast on Thanksgiving Day. By the time the doors opened there were probably 20-30 of us laughing and bantering outside. I got a good feeling when the wait and kitchen staff started greeting everyone (many by first name) as we entered.

                  I have posted before about how thrilled I am when Early Girl has pan fried mountain trout as a special breakfast meat side! I love their biscuits served with locally made jams.

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                    I agree. I lived in Asheville for 5 years. PLENTY of time to find the BEST breakfast spots!

                    Early Girl and Over Easy were the TOP TWO for our family. Delicious food. Fresh, local, seasonal. Great wait staff (most of the time ha ha), and also freindly to children.

                    Early Girl Eatery has old metal buckets filled with cute toys for your kids to play with. And crayons to use to doodle on the white paper tablecloth while you wait!

                    Over Easy has delicious smoothies for your little ones while they wait. They also have delicious melt-in-your-mouth whole grain biscuits! And good background music....and revolving art on their walls....and always interesting looking passersby to entertain ANYONE!

                    Both restaurants offer vegetarian options & daily specials.

                    I also like Rosettas Kitchen which is purely vegetarian/vegan. They're only open after breakfast....great brunch/lunch option. Healthy and very TASTY, even for your little one's palates.

                    Doc Chey's has great healthy kids options as well (luch/dinner) and all for UNDER $3-4!! They actually have a brown rice option even with kids meals, AND veggies in their kids meals too...very rare if not extinct options in most restaurants. They will substitute a veggie for another one if your child's picky...great!

                  2. If you enjoy breakfeast with a little "kick" to it, the huevos rancheros at Sunny Pointe is one of my favorite breakfasts EVER. (Be sure to add a little chipotle hot sauce, too.)

                    Pretty good biscuits and spetacular berry jam there as well.

                    Finally, if you go on a weekend, be prepared to wait at least 20 mins. or so.