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Jul 15, 2001 08:28 PM

Western North Carolina

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Next week we are renting a cabin in Bryson City. We will be driving around the whole area on our vacation. From the Biltmore Estates to Hendersonville to Highlands. Any suggestions for some good eats, we'll have the kids?

If anybody is ever coming to Northeast Florida (St. Augustine area) and needs recommendations, let me know.


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  1. I'm sure you can bet on the fact that "someone" will be coming to your hometown near St. Augustine. I spent much of my youth in Jacksonville Beach. I still go back to visit and almost always drive down the coast to St. Augustine. I'd love to hear recommendations for any of your favorites RIGHT NOW! I'll be watching the Florida Board! pat

    1. Asheville is full of very good restaurants. There are several around Pack Square. Salsa's and Le Caterina Trattoria are top notch. A little farther south on Biltmore is Barley's--great pizza and although they sell a lot of beer, there are always kids there. The Laughing Seed on Wall Street is terrific, even if you are not a vegetarian.

      Outside of Asheville, the pickins are somewhat slimmer, but you can find some great places. In Cashiers, you must go to the Market Basket. They are open for lunch and dinner. In Sylva, try Lulu's in downtown. Near Bryson City, go to the Nantahala Outdoor Center and try Relia's Garden and/or the little restaurant right next to the outfitting shop (can't think of the name). They have great breakfast and lunch. I cannot recommend anything in Bryson City unfortunately. Good luck

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        Joann Creekmore

        My husband and I just got back from a week in St Augustine. Stayed in the old city and visited many restuants (mostley within walking distance.) I sure wish I would have taken the time to visit this site before we left cause we had some pretty bad meals overall. Two places that do stand out though are Saltwater Cowboys over on Anatasia Island, very good smoked BBQ ribs, and we had a wonderful lunch at 95 Cordova at the Casa Monica Hotel, pricey but a good deal for lunch. Gotta try there Smokey Chicken Soup! Ummm.

        As far as your stay in NC, I would recommed lunch at the hotel in Dillard, and take a train ride while your there! I remember a few chowhounds saying it might have gone down hill though. It's been about 3 years since I've eaten there but I thought it was great!

        Have fun.
        Joann Creekmore

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          I definitely agree with the recommendation of Saltwater Cowboys. It's only open for dinner unfortunately. Good food, particularly the fried seafood, in a great marsh setting. Sunsets can be especially nice.

        2. Highlands has a few really good places:
          On the Veranda..
          Wild thyme..
          Cafe of the Arts (neat casual French cafe on Main St. this is my favorite)

          1. This is probably too late for the trip, but for future reference, the Fryemont Inn in Bryson City serves a nice dinner. A good day trip from Bryson City is Black Mountain (on the east side of Asheville)- nice shops and a definite dining destination for either breakfast or dinner at the Red Rocker Inn. Make reservations by calling 888-669-5991, or check website at Old-fashioned Southern food served family-style.