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Jul 7, 2001 01:49 PM

Help with Nashville restaurants for Mark T.

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Just read the thread way down about where to eat in Nashville if you're looking for Southern restaurants the locals love. I'm a local and here's my list:
1. Loveless Cafe on Highway 100. Terrific fried chicken, fluffy biscuits. Great breakfasts also. Make a reservation or you'll have a long wait.
2. Martha Stamp's restaurant at the Belle Meade Plantation. Very good, sophisticated Southern food. Two-for-one - you can see the plantation too.
3. Pineapple Room at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. This has just been taken over by Ann Clayton, one of Nashville's best caterers. Also sophisticated Southern food. Bonus: walk around the gorgeous gardens to work up an appetite.
4. Monell's in Germantown, near downtown. Southern boarding house fare. On the way there, you'll pass the Farmer's Market where you can pick up fresh collards, peaches, tomatoes, you name it.
5. Arnold's on 8th Street. If you really want to eat where the locals go, this is it. It's a meat and three. Place has about 20 tables and you're served cafeteria style. Monday is liver and onions day - the best I've ever had. Other choices through the week: meatloaf, fried chicken, roast beef. Homemade yeast rolls and cornbread muffins.

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    lisa sammons

    Arnold's is very good...but Swetts is better...they have a location in the Farmer's market. But enough of the famous "meat and threes"...the Mad Platter in Germantown is truly a jewell...along with Cafe Nona in East Nashville...6 degree in the "Gulch" which is in Midtown...Sunset Grill..where the music people Hillsboro Village and of course there has to be a note on Prince's Hot Chicken in North Nashville. Hot Chicken is a peculiar Nashville speciality...Chicken is Hot, fried, bone in and served between two pieces of white bread. Lorrie Morgan has even opened her own place called Hot let me know what type of food you want and I will get more specific. Have fun in this awesome city!

    1. There are several interesting places to check out:

      1) Hog Heaven. A shack next to McDonald's in Cenntennial Park. Luscious pulled pork with a white mayonaisse based hot sauce.

      2) Peacock Indian. On Church about a mile or so from Vanderbilt on the South side of the street. In all respects the best Indian in the city, and better than most in NY.

      3) Monterrey Mexican. About 25 minutes from downtown in a strip mall. Perfect queso, avocados everywhere, and beautiful shrimp cocktail in a cilatro and tomato sauce served with avocado and in an ice cream sundae dish. Plenty of Mexican in Nashville, but most of them are painfully bad (with dishes with names like 'Speedy Gonzales").

      4) The biscuits, preserves, and chicken as Loveless are well worth the trip. They slack most of the time, but its still a fun scene.

      5) The deep fried chicken liver at Rotiers is a dream. Side of mac and cheese and a burger also quite good.

      6) Citysearch voted Bobbie's Dairy Dip on Charlotte the best burger in the COUNTRY. Don't know about that, but its worth checking out.

      7) Also several pretty good thia/vietnamese. laotian, cambodian places on Charlotte.

      8) Goldies Delie and Noshville are also very welcome (though Noashville charges as if it were in NY).

      Stay away from any place hoping to be fancy (Mad Platter is a pretty nice set up for a winter meal).

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        Holy Smokes I almost forgot about Addiss Abba. On Thompson across from the big Krispy Kreme.

        Incredibly welcoming Ethiopian place. A dive with concrete floor, but great people and perfect goat, lamb and traditional vegetable dishes. The stew chicken legs with hard boiled egg is my favorite. NAd they serve beer.

        Give these guys your business.

      2. Thanks for the recs. Meat and three's are a new thing for me down here, but we get along just fine. Any ideas about real soul food joints? I was in East Nashville the other day and saw some places that looked promising, authentic and that they might have someones grandma back there cooking...