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Jul 2, 2001 11:12 AM

ISO: Mrs. Willis' in Morehead City, NC

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While scrolling through messages here I noted someone posted a squash casserole. I know this is not a recipe board but does anyone know how Mrs. Willis makes her fabulous squash casserole? If so, let me know and I'll post my e-mail address for the recipe. It's the only one I've ever had that doesn't use cheddar cheese (I think it's cream cheese) and it is soooooo good I can still taste it after 10 years. If you're at the beach (Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle) and have a craving for home cooking, go to Mrs. Willis' restaurant in Morehead City.

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  1. Years ago there was a restaurant in your area called the Sanitary -- visited 20 years ago, and loved the hushpuppies. Still around?

    1. Am planning a quick visit to Morehead City this week and you have given me an excuse to check out Mrs. Willis. It has been several years since last visit and am hoping it is a good as my memories. Will ask for the squash casserole recipe and post results on return. I did hear a rather bad review of Sanitary Fish Market this year. Seems the quantity is down along with the quality...even the world famous hushpuppies were a disappointment. I wonder about Captain Bills since they have reopened after a fire related remodel. Any other suggestions for the area appreciated.

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        Hope Mrs. Willis' is as good now as it was "back when" and I'll be interested to hear what you think of the squash casserole (and how it might be made). It's been too long since I've been to that area...but I remember a nice little restaurant called Bogue Pocket that started the growth of nouveau cuisine restaurants in Morehead back in the late 80's (that was back when all you could get to eat along the ocean was fried fish, french fries and slaw which was why I enjoyed Mrs. w's so much...her vegetables were so good). Is the Charter House still on the causeway (east of the bridge from Morehead to Atlantic Beach) and open for business? We enjoyed some good meals there.

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          A favorite place of my family is McCall's Barbeque & Seafood. They have a wonderful buffet for only $8.99 with delicious barbeque, mostly fried seafoods, chicken, home-cooked vegetables & desserts. The hush puppies are good too. We can't go to the beach without a visit to McCall's. They also have a location in Jacksonville and Goldsboro.

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            wilma woodard

            McCalls is all fried and greasy food..try Bistro for best food in Morehead City..little pricey but great chef there and best prime rib ever! For seafood try Net House across the bridge in Beaufort, NC where steamed shrimp is the best..Go to Clawsons while you are there and ask for an oyster burger-good in all seasons..

        2. Just to let you know, the squash casserole recipe at Mrs. Willis' is a highly guarded recipe. It was very good and even my husband who is not a squash fan rated it delish. The best I could tell is cream of chicken soup with mayo and a topping of butter crackers. It seems very close to a recipe my grandmother had. Also the steaks were cooked over charcoal and the ribeye very tasty. I couldn't help but notice a neighbors platter of beautiful plump broiled scallops. Was very good for beach food, and was glad to rediscover it. Will also let you into a little secret in Beafort. NO NAME PIZZA, didn't have pizza but did have a spinach pie and greek salad that was fantastic. The pie was in a filo crust, the salad excellent and servings generous. As a matter of fact the day we were there several people checking out at the register were raving over the greek taco and believe it or not the burger selection. It is nothing to look at but the food was superior for a No name pizza joint. Enjoy!

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            Thanks Shannon...glad you had a great meal at Mrs. Willis'. I still think it's cream cheese with the summer squash but I'm wondering about chicken broth mixed in with the breadcrumbs??? Guess I'll have to experiment again. The other place sounds very good. Morehead City and surroundings now have some great restaurants compared to when I first went to the beaches in that area back in the late 70's-everything was steamed or fried fish with french fries and slaw (except for Mrs. Willis'). Glad to see your post!

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              Just wondering whether anyone has been to the Pollock St. Deli or Scalzo's in New Bern. Spent a couple of summers there in college and really enjoyed these two. Just wondering whether they're still there and/or good.