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Jun 24, 2001 09:23 AM

Best Restaurant in Charleston, SC ?

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My wife and I will soon be traveling to Charleston to visit for several days. We would like to have the opinion of several Charlestonians as to the best places to eat .... they could be fancy/romantic or just good seafood at a fair price. We will be staying in the historic district but can travel if it is not too far.

With so many places to choose from we sure could use the help.

Also, this will be our first trip to this wonderful city ..... any ideas on the company who gives the best tours of the area?

Thanks in advance.

Jim and Fran

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  1. My personal favorite is 82 Queen, with Poogan's Porch the runner-up. Others have mentioned Carolina's and Magnolia's, but I did not enjoy those restaurants as much -- they were good but not memorable.

    A friend swears by the Boathouse for seafood but I haven't tried it. Charleston is such a great vacation destination with such wonderful restaurants that I think you'd be hard-pressed to make a bad choice -- everything will be delicious.

    1. Please scroll down and see a string of notes about the Hominy Grill in Charleston. For me it's a "must dine" location!

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        Great food at very reasonable prices and the staff couldn't be nicer. We had 3 delicious meals there in 5 days. Just really good food.

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            Rebecca Angell

            Hominy Grill is located off Rutledge Ave. (that doesn't really help, but I would suggest calling information for their #). Hominy Grill is AMAZING!!! Small, quaint, and VERY southern fare. The homemade chocolate pudding is to die for. In fact, while making way too much noise while eating it, our server was kind enough to share the recipe. Now, we enjoy it quite a bit at home (but, waistline, beware...there's no 'lowfat' to it!).