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Jun 4, 2001 09:15 PM

World Class Vittles in Greenville, SC!

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Attention all you 'hounds around Greenville! I'll be down there 'bout the middle of July. Looking for top grade Chinese, BBQ, steaks, and most of all, SEAFOOD! Can anyone help me?? Please lead me straight!

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  1. Get thee to the Beacon Drive-In. Go hungry. Ain't no place like the Beacon anywhere else.

    If you somehow have enough room after finishing a pork-a-plenty plate, get a banana split.

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    1. re: Bob W.

      Bob: Thanks for the help! I intended to seek out gourmet Chinese, steak, and seafood. but the "pork-a-plenty plate" sure sounds like good 'ol southeastern BBQ! I usually wait 'til I get to Kansas City to pig out on smoked pig, but with your enthusiastic recommendation, I just might look for that Beacon joint. Thanks! (if you could see the spare tire I carry with me, you wouldn't be telling me about banana splits!)

      1. re: Kent

        Kent: you won't have to look hard for the Beacon. Let's put it this way: how many restaurants have their own helicopter pad? :>) Just pull up to any local and all you'll have to say is "Beacon?"

        As for the banana split, first you'll have to fight your way through the pile of onion rings and fries that accompany the sliced pork. Oh, and the sweet tea comes in a cup so big you'll need two hands to carry it.

        This might have been the place Gomer Pyle was thinking of when he would decry "Glutt'ny, glutt'ny, glutt'ny."

        Mile for mile, even though I've only driven I-85 from the terminus in Virginia to Atlanta, I think it stacks up against any highway in the country for chowhounding.

      2. re: Bob W.

        New York City chowhound here. I'm visiting a friend in the vicinity of Simpsonville (Greenville/Spartanburg area) from June 29-July 3. I have some questions:

        (1) Do they serve barbecued chicken or other meats other than pork at the Beacon? If so, how are they?

        (2) I'd love some info about other good restaurants in the Greenville/Spartanburg area, any cuisine, but not too expensive (preferably <$30/person for dinner). I've been to the area twice before, the last time in August 1996. I recall having an excellent, spicy Cajun dinner in a semi-fancy, moderately-priced restaurant whose name I forget, in the pedestrian zone of Greenville on my last visit. Any idea whether such a restaurant may still be there?

        Anyway, I'd love some more pointers. I found a post by Joy below, with a list of some places she recommended for a business lunch:

        Any comments on these, and how expensive are they?

        I look forward to any comments, and want to add that I hope some of my meals are less than 70% fat, as my system will let me know about it, otherwise. :-)

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        The Food Critic


        Tell Carl, the owner an old aquantance in Atlanta sent you his way.
        Ask for David ... goes by nickname of "Face" for your waiter. He is entertaining to say the least.

        The Sweetery for a great little sandwich place and AWESOME sweets.

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          Thanks for the recommendations.