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May 23, 2001 01:38 PM

Buccaneer Club Savannah

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I'm looking for information on the Buccaneer Club Fish camp outside of Savannah Georgia. Phone? Address? Also, I would love any information on fish camps/shrimp shacks in the Savannah area. Thanks .. .

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  1. According to reliable sources, directions to The Buccaneer Club are as follows - take I-95 South from Savannah to Exit 11, then head East on Hwy. 99 to Crescent and follow the signs. Ring the bell at the front door to get in. Phone is (912) 832-5171.

    1. Interesting, the Buckaneer Club! In 1966 I was stationed at the Glenco Naval Air Station and used to run up to the Buckaneer Club at least twice a week. Back then they used to serve gigantic portions. For the Seafood Plater you would get a large oval plate piled high with Seafood and a separate plate with your potatoes. I have been back many times over the years and the place has changeda little; the dirt roads have been gravelled and paved and the portions are a more reasonable size. It has always been great food at a deal. I can not wait for that next chance to eat there again. I'll be going that way in the spring of 09 on my way to the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and the Buckaneer is on my way!!! Andy

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        Bucaneer & Sppeds are well worth the trip. Do not waste your time @ Chef Jerome's an ainferior & more expensive place that has gotten a lot of press because Ben Afleck goes there when he is in town. The only complaint with the Buccaneer is be prepared to wat. The service is notoriously slow.. The fried Lobster on the platter is exc. & you cannott eat everything they bring you, quantity issues not quality.

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          Just a quick question -- exit 11 on I95 puts my vehicle close to St. Marys etc. Not quite Savannah by 100 miles or so. Am I missing something here or do I have my exits mixed up?

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            That would be correct. the Crescent exit is the exit north of the Darien exit. Its about 35 miles south of Savannah. I believe it is the Eulonia/Townsend Road exit, go east.

            I don't know the numbers.

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              exit 11 under the okd numbering system. The Eulonia exit is correct not sure of its new number.

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              exit 58, Townsend - Eulonia exit.....go east to 4 way flashing, only light outside of Darien, go straight thru, you are now on hwy 99 to Cresent GA. follow the signs.