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May 21, 2001 10:33 AM

Exploring Savannah GA

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My husband and I are traveling to Savannah for Memorial Day weekend. It's our first time in the area, so we are anxious to hear about the best places to dine. I know Lady & Sons is a must, but we'd love to hear about some quaint breakfast and lunch places as well as dinner stops. Thanks for all the help!

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  1. If you haven't been to Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House for lunch, you haven't been to Savannah. For seafood, try Williams Seafood, The Pilot House. For fine low-country cuisine, Elizabeth's on 17th. Le Bistro is another upscale choice.

    1. We are going for our 5th year in a row for our vacation the first week of June. For us, The Shrimp Factory on River Street is a must.....great creole! Also, good BBQ...Johnny Harris

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        You know their sister resturant (also on River Street)
        I think it is called River House or something is really good.I have been three times...the Mahi Mahi is great!They also have awesome desserts...I have had the pecan pie and cheesecakes.yummy!

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          We haven't been there yet, but perhaps we'll try it this year. It's hard to take in all of that gooooood food in such a short period of time

      2. Louis is right about Elizabeth's being excellent but it's on 37th St., not 17th; phone is (912) 236-5547 and reservations are essential.

        For casual seafood, try Desposito's in Thunderbolt - I share the view of many others that Williams' Seafood is past it's prime. Phone is (912) 897-9963.

        For breakfast, try Cleary's Cafe downtown (a favorite of locals) or go to Huey's on River St. Mrs. Wilkes' is also open for breakfast on some days as I recall.

        Although I haven't been there for several years, I've always enjoyed Crystal Beer Parlor downtown for lunch. It's a Savannah institution (one of songwriter Johnny Mercer's favorites) - great oyster sandwiches.

        Even if you don't make it to Johnny Harris' for barbecue, try to pick up a bottle of their sauce - it's outstanding. Also grab a tin of Benne Wafers, a local treat from Byrd Candy Co. on sale at most gift shops.

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          I'm sorry to report, but it has been closed now for at least a year. Mis-management by the owner's kids led to bankruptcy. So long to the best burgers on planet earth!