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May 19, 2001 04:50 PM


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I am in Memphis on business a lot. Other than the top-line places, like Ruth's Chris and Folks Folly, can anyone recommend something "one level down" in terms of price? I would still like a linen tablecloth. Thanks

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  1. One of our favorites is stuck away in a shopping center on Quince, in east Memphis. The name of it is Jarrett's, and it's never failed to please us. Here's a link to their website, where you can get an idea about the food and the chef-owner.

    Another one, trendier but always good, is Automatic Slims, on Third, right across from the Peabody.


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      Jarrett's and Automatic Slim's are both good. Paulette's, in Overton Square is also good. Close to Folk's Folly are the Napa Grill and Lulu Grill. Both have bistro type food. In Germantown, we like YaYa's.

      1. re: Mike

        I second Yia Yia's in Germantown and Jarrett's. Also Melange in the Cooper-Young area.

        AT Yia Yia's, get the appetizer tower - it's about $22 and the appetizers are wonderful. Gnocchi, crab cakes, every one I've had has been great.

        I've had some good fish there, too.

    2. Tsunami is good/trendy. (Pacific Rim food with new twists.) It's not open for lunch, though. It's in the Cooper-Young area, where there are lots of yuppie type places in one place that won't break the bank and won't embarrass you to take a client there, either. ;-)

      Sekisui has a fresh sushi bar I enjoy. There are two locations: one in East Memphis, and one in Midtown. Their full meals aren't too shabby, either!

      Edo's (Japanese food) on Summer Avenue is tucked away in a not-very-impressive area, but they have excellent tempura, for example. Yum! The restaurant has been there for over 20 years, and while the area has deteriorated, the food quality hasn't. A jewel.

      Erika's is a German restaurant downtown close to The Peabody. I love it! Their weinerschnitzel is to die for, but it's not on the menu every day. You can call a day in advance and order apple streudel. You'll want it again.

      A snobby chef friend of mine recommended Cafe Samovar to me. It's a Russian restaurant, also downtown. I haven't been there, myself.

      1. In Meffus I would recommend for bar-b-que, Cozy Corner on N, Parkway. For good very reasonable Veitnamese, try Saigon Le, the street I can't remember but it is just east of the medical complex.