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May 16, 2001 10:02 AM

Gulf Coast

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We will be visiting the Gulf Coast area again this weekend -- Gulf Shores, Foley, Orange Beach, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida, etc. Any suggestions? Last year we tried King Neptune's in Gulf Shores; Lambert's in Foley is fun, although commercial, but not bad. If we get over to Pensacola at the right time I'd like to try Hopkins Boarding House. Any more ideas? (I do have the "Back Roads" book and will consult that as well before we go.)

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  1. Saw a place called Tacky Jack's in Orange Beach written up favorably in a recent article, would certainly give it a try for seafood if I was going to be in the area. Also, the Florbama (spelling may be off - too much beer when I was there) on the beach at the state line is legendary.

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      The Floribama is pretty cool beach bar type place. If you're there on a Saturday or Sunday, stick around for the skydivers jumping into the beach. Still haven't made that beach jump myself (I jump mostly in Mississippi), but beach jumps are always a blast!

      Blue skies,