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Apr 29, 2001 03:10 PM


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I've been lurking on this board for awhile and got some good tips and wanted to thank everyone. We just got back from a trip to the South and enjoyed the following (we only wanted casual - no upscale places that required dressing up!):

Charleston: Jestine's Kitchen, Pooghan's Porch, Somewhere North of Broadway, Hominy Grill

Savannah: Lady and Sons, Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House (made it there 5 minutes before closing and they were extremely gracious to us).

Nashville: Jack's BBQ.

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  1. In Charleston, that's "Slightly North of Broad"!!

    And yes, it is one of our favorites.

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    1. re: David A.
      Debra Delacroix

      You're right, I knew I'd mess up some of those names!! Yes, it was really enjoyable.

      1. re: David A.

        Does it really stand for

        S lightly
        N orth
        o f
        B road

        as I've been told?

        1. re: JP

          Yes, Slightly North of Broad is called SNOBs by everyone. It is actually a good Charleston joke, as the neighborhood SOUTH of Broad Street is the oldest and home to the grand homes that have been handed down through the families from generation to generation. Any conclusions you draw from that are strictly your own!

          1. re: David A.

            >Any conclusions you draw from that are strictly your own!<

            Any conclusions I draw about anything are always my own.