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Apr 15, 2001 10:23 PM

Food on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail... Birmingham, Huntsville, Gadsden/Anniston

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We're heading to the Robert Trent Jones Trail for a 4 day golf trip, but I'd like to do better than Applebees' and Bennigans for dinners. We start in Huntsville, go to Birmingham, and then to Gadsden.

In Birmingham, I see that we're staying close to at least three BBQs, and I am hoping that someone can add personal experience...and guide us midwesterners!

Johnny Ray's
Jim and Nick's
Tin Roof

Any comments on these places?

Are there any other recommendations for great road eats along the way?


Eric in Chicago...

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    Eric Hochstein

    Now come on, folks, there are so many Barbeque afficianados here and noone's sent even one reply to far on my plea for advice and recommendations...the clock is running. We're leaving a week from today and I don't have any guidance on where to eat in Birmingham, or Huntsville or Anniston or Gadsden.

    I am sure you have some opinions! Let me know!



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      John McKelvey

      Third try:

      Please ignore previous posts. I inadvertently hit return.

      BBQ joints in North Alabama:

      Greenbriar: 15050 Hwy. 20 West, Madison, Al. (Off I 565 between Huntsville and Decatur. I haven't eaten there but it has a good reputation.

      Gibson's: 8412 Whitesburg Dr. S.W., or 3716 Memorial Parkway, S. W., Huntsville, Al. I haven't eaten at the Huntsville locations, but the Gibson's on 6th Avenue in Decatur is great. Try the BBQ chicken with white sauce, and don't forget to try the Brunswick stew.

      Johnny's: 1401 4th St. S. W., Cullman, Al. One of the Birmingham papers reported that this was the best BBQ joint in Alabama. I'm not too sure about that but it is pretty good.

      Pat James Full Moon BBQ: 525 25th St. South, Birmingham, AL

      Dreamland: 1427 14th Ave. South, Birmingham. Good ribs. The original in Tuscaloosa is at 5535 15th Ave East in Tuscaloosa.

      Archibald's: 1211 Martin Luther King Blvd., Northport, AL (across the river from Tuscaloosa) Great ribs.

    2. Johnny Ray's is good. They have a few locations in B'ham. They have great chocolate pie to boot.

      I see someone else recommended Dreamland. I love the ribs and I love the place. It is an old building renovated in Southside. About $18.95 for a slab of ribs. They serve the ribs with white bread and sauce to dip the bread into.

      I cut and pasted the info for Dreamland from the other reply.
      Dreamland: 1427 14th Ave. South, Birmingham. Good ribs. The original in Tuscaloosa is at 5535 15th Ave East in Tuscaloosa.


      1. Johnny's in Cullman is good, but Bates in Cullman has slightly better pulled meat. Turner's in Madison is worth a visit as is Eric's in Decatur. Avoid Smokey's. I suspect it's a gasser. Greenbrier now cooks on a stainless steel hybrid smoking contraption thus excluding it from the ranks of REAL barbecue. One other spot that I found excellent was The Pig Stand in Hartsell. Disclaimer: these opinions were formed on a visit 3-4 years ago.


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          Eric's Barbecue is located on US Hwy 72 in Athens, not in Decatur as I previously stated.