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Mar 19, 2001 01:02 PM

Myrtle Beach'sBest Seafood Buffet

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What is the best seafood restaurant in Myrtle Beach?

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  1. The best seafood in Myrtle Beach is in Murrell's Inlet.There are many different resturants although I don't know about buffets since we,as a family ,do not enjoy them.The best is Lee's in Murrell's Inlet.Corndodgers that melt in your mouth...I could eat two baskets by myself.I personally like the Oysters or the Coldwater shrimp.Actually after eating off everyone in the family's plate at this resturant for many years I have never had anything bad.Oh the she crab soup is delightful too.

    1. Murrels Inlet is famous for seafood and if you're dining on that end of the Grand Strand, Lee's Inlet Kitchen is wonderful. A family owned and operated business can always be counted on for a good meal. If you are on the north end of the Grand Strand you might like to try one of the other three restaurants owned by the same family.....Chesapeake dining atmosphere, every table gets a seafood chowder and there is a inhouse bakery; Chestnut Hill....fine dining, romantic water front setting, great Sunday brunch; Sante Fe Station.....something for everyone....varied menu....seafood, beef, chicken, sandwiches and salads, when I have company in town this is where we go to please everyone...great happy hour. None of these three are a buffet but good seafood and all that you could eat portions. As far as seafood buffets on the north end my family always likes Preston's and the Captain's Plank. Buffets are ok if it's the right time of year(enought business so that the food is turned over promptly) and it mass quanity that you want. If you have crab leg lovers in the crowd the two buffets mentioned are good choices, also the Outrigger....which has all you can eat....but they bring it too you is good. Happy dining.

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        I thoroughly disagree with the Outrigger's endorsement - I have been there twice for all-you-can-eat over the span of two years, and the seafood did not taste fresh or satisfy me much. Of course, Myrtle Beach being Myrtle Beach, there may not be many good alternatives, but still...

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          How good a seafood buffet is or is a relative general a buffet is not the best way to go for a high quality meal. When selecting a restaurant you must decide what is important...quanity or quality. I've always felt that food prepared with care tastes much better than food mass produced, that's why small places have better food...generally. Something else to remember is a restaurant that has lot's of seafood on their menu...probably most of it is frozen...this again can mean more than one thing since frozen seafood is sometimes much fresher tasting and safer today with the new ways of frezzing seafood. 98% of all shrimp used in restaurant is frozen and quality doesn't suffer. This is all probably too much information but I find that every type of restaurant has it time and place. My favorites on the Grand Strand are Frank's, Marker 350, Chestnut Hill, Collector's Cafe, Nick's, Benny Rappa's. I also like T-bonz, Carolina Roadhouse, Sante Fe Station and sometimes even chains like Chilli's and the Outback. It really just depends on what you're looking for....mass quanity crab leggs...Outrigger's not bad.

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            Marker 350 above N Myrtle is wonderful--more pricy than a gub filled buffet but oh so worth it. After dinner take a stroll on the docks.