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Feb 17, 2001 06:27 PM

Name of good German place north of Atlanta?

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My wife & I saw a faborable review of this in one of the freebie papers (Creative Loafing, Topside Loaf maybe?) several months ago but of course can't remember the name. I believe it's family operated (a couple). Maybe in Cumming or thereabouts - certainly off the beaten path. Tried searching for it on the net without luck.

Open to other good German food recommendations. And looking for a bakery source for good German hard rolls (aka brotchen).


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  1. Probably further off the beaten path than you're looking for, but the Hoffbrau Haus up in Helen is pretty tasty, and has a nice view of the river. They like German food up there--goes with the decor

    1. Lived in Germany 15 years, mostly in the southern part. Closest broetchen (or semmel)I've found to those in Germany are at the City Cafe and Bakery in Fayetteville. Owner is a relocated German.

      1. Try Kurt's in Duluth, it's a casual German restaurant with an adjoining upscale Restaurant. We tried Kurt's outdoor dining which overlooks a pretty yard. The food was great, too!

        1. Could it possibly be the Woodbridge Inn in Jasper? A couple runs it; believe the fellow is of German descent. The menu offers wiener schnitzel; however, I'd classify the other items as continental. Good food, good wine list, and a nice getaway from ATL. Menu and directions are at