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Jul 15, 2000 11:04 AM

road food between nyc and outer banks

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I'm driving from new york city to the outer banks of north carolina and would like to find a good place to eat relatively near the major highways. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Arthur Rubin

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  1. We just drove from central NJ to OBX thru Delaware/Maryland. Right on the border of the 2 is Jimmy's, I think on Rte. 113 or 13 (anyway, it's the only main road thru that part of Delaware). It's at the intersection of that road and the road Washingtonians would take to get to Rehoboth etc (if you look at a map you'll find it). There were both local types and Washington sophisticate types in there. It's a real down-home place and the food was generally very good. An exception: the crab bisque was ethereal!! Have never tasted anything like it, not even at places like Four Seasons. The flavor was complex, deep, creamy, crabby...I could have eaten a gallon. By the by, it was served to us by Jimmy himself, who stopped by our booth (it was the closest to the kitchen)to chat (even tho we didn't know him) and kept bringing us treats to try on the house! There's lots of good, basic ungussied-up Southern cooking there. I'd definitely return. One caveat: it was the dirtiest restaurant I've ever been in!