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Jul 5, 2000 11:53 AM

Chinese in Williamsburg or Tidewater VA area

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My family recently moved to Williamsburg and have not had a lot of luck with the local Chinese restaurants. We are looking for recommendations anywhere in the Tidewater area or Richmond. Also would like any suggestions on good asian grocery stores in the area. Thanks

We did try a good Indian restaurant over the weekend, Nawab in Williamsburg, great menu, we tried a range of dishes, the Chicken Tikka and Shrimp Korma were especially good. The place was quite crowded for 10pm on a Sunday.

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  1. I don't get over on the "peninsula" much, but in the Norfolk--Virginia Beach area of Tidewater, I can recommend two Chinese restaurants in particular:

    1) Golden China--Located across Pembroke Mall on Independence Boulevard, Virginia Beach. The menu is very large and includes a lot of unusual dishes such as Congee and Duck Blood. They make a truly outstanding "Salt Baked Shrimp", although you may have to ask for it if it is not on the menu. Absolutely the best I've ever had. Also, their soups are outstanding. Everytime I go, about half of the clientele is Asian.

    2) Peking Duck Inn--Located at the Fairfield Shopping Center on Kempsville Road in Virginia Beach. Authentic cuisine and excellent Peking Duck.

    I hate to say it, but these are the only two Chinese restaurants I think are worth going to in this area. If anybody knows of any others, I would welcome their suggestions.


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      Dennis - Sorry - didn't see this message before posting the other one. I have tried "Golden China" - I agree that it is probably the most decent in the area, although it still leaves much to be desired. I will try your other suggestion sometime next week.

      Christina - when I'm dying for a Chinese-food-fix, I go to the Thai restaurant down in Norfolk/VA Beach called "Bangkok Garden." They have three locations in the area. Incidentally, "Nawab" has three locations in the Tidewater area - the other two are in Norfolk and VA Beach.

      Another AWESOME Asian joint is "Pho 79" on Virginia Beach Boulevard. The ONLY thing they serve is Vietnamese soup noodles, but if you are in the mood for soup noodles, it REALLY hits the spot! Try their Vietnamese ice coffee as well!

    2. I highly recommend Peter Chang's restaurant. We've been to the Williamsburg one on Richmond just off Monticello, but he has one near Richmond and one in Charlottesville. Szechwan, with some very hot. A good balance of other flavors.
      I'm also looking for an Asian grocery.