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Jul 5, 2000 09:50 AM

North Carolina BBQ

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I recently made a short trip to Greensboro, but had enough time to eat in Allen & Son outside of Chapel Hill and Lexington BBQ, in Lexington. First of all there are 2 different Allen & Sons and the one to go to is the one north of Chapel Hill, on the way to Hillsboro. It was very good, although not, in my view, world class. Lexington, on the other hand was outstanding. It has received alot of publicity in recent years and has still managed to maintain its superb smokey quality. One of the world leaders.

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  1. Yes, there are three distinct styles of NC BBQ.
    Near Chapel Thrill, it is probably Eastern.
    "Lexington style" is my favorite, then there is
    what is served in mountains or western portion of
    the state.

    Lexington BBQ in Lexington is one of the best (it
    is known by locals as "Monk's" - not sure of the
    spelling). I have a slight preference for Speedy's
    BBQ, myself. It is also in Lexington on Main St.

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      Shaderick May

      I have a question that I hope someone might answer for me. I received a smoker for Xmas, have a supply for smoking woods, and have found lots of recipes. My confusion lies in curing my smoker. Do I need to do something special? Or should I just start cooking?
      Best regards,

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        Just build one fire and let it burn out. You are then ready to go !!

        Happy Smokin'


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          Grab some aluminum foil, some hickory chips and a boston butt and go to town! salt, pepper and some glad wrap are all you need. invite me please