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Jun 25, 2000 03:12 PM

Ashville Eats

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I am going to Ashville Sat. and am looking for new places to eat.Here is a list of where I've been and my ratings -please add to it.
1. Salsa's- A

2. Vinchenzo's-Italian -Riisoto,Brushetta,Pasta,Fish. B

3. Laughing Seed-natural food-B

4.Blue Moon Bakery-Artesan Breads,soups ,sandwiches,sweets-B+

5. Max & Rossie's-hippie juice & sandwich bar-B-

6. Ashville Pizza Co. C

7. Boston Pizza-tasty cheese. B

8. Mellow Mushroom Pizza . lots of toppings but average pizza . C

9. Franks Roman Pizza-C

10. Patsy's Pizza -used to be better than Patsy's in Brooklyn but changed hands and i have not eaten there-said to be not as good.

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  1. When I was last in Asheville, the restaurants that I went to were, in a word, pretentious. The very last places I would go to are the places that serve pizza. However there is a fun place that has good barbecue--even though it is not a pure "log burner".The fact is even in this state with a bbq tradition, the list of bbq joints that are log burners is quite short. The place is Mountain Smokehouse on 20 Spruce St, and if I recall correctly it is behind the courthouse. I will be in NC myself this coming weekend only I will be in the mountains just west of Boone so my luggage will be full of food.

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      Gary Saunders

      I lived in Asheville for 3 years. Check out Jose and Delores Mexican Restaurant. Nothing fancy ... just good old, down home, Mom and Pop chow from South of the Border.

      Hathaway's is a good spot for fresh coffee and pancakes.

      For a more complete listing of Asheville area eats, check out my web site at



      1. re: Gary Saunders
        Rick McDaniel

        Sorry this is a little late- I just discovered this board. My favorite places in Asheville are The Noodle Shop on Pack Square for REAL Chinese; Spirits On The River on Swannanoa River Road for a walk on the wild side (Native American- try the buffalo Burger) and the Possum Trot Grill for Cajun. I'm the food writer for the Citizen-Times, so I've tried a dumptruck load of restaurants in the 7 months I've been here,


      2. re: Peter

        Curious as to why your luggage will be filled with food. I will be there end of August visiting family in Linville which is near Boone. Is it a food wasteland? Dearth of markets? I know we will be on our own most of the time so if you could give me a clue I'd be grateful.

        1. re: Heidi

          Yes, the area is not much in the way of food, including the markets. There is a very good bakery--hard to believe but true--on the highway between Linville and Boone (#105?). It might even be in Linville--it is on your right on the way to Boone. There is also a ham shop that has good baked ham (left side)on the same road after the bakery towards Boone.

      3. Try the Hot Spot, good variety & breakfast served anytime. Price was good too.

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        1. re: woof

          A bit late for an answer, but someone mentioned The Hotspot and breakfast -- do they do decent pancakes/waffles/French Toast?

          And where are they?

          Thanks, Doug, off to Ashevill Wednesday.


        2. What is a local's favorite for fine dining? My architect is moving to Ashville & it's been a # of years since I've visited. I'd like to send him a "welcome to your new town Gift Card" for a hip, yet fine dining experience (for locals).

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          1. re: JayVaBeach

            check out this link on the same topic (gift card/treating someone in Asheville) - - and please note that the original post is very old - over 7 years, so a lot of the places listed are closed. More recent posts will give you lots of ideas for Asheville.

            1. re: JayVaBeach

              I like the Sunnypoint Cafe in West Asheville for a great local dining spot they serve breakfast lunch and dinner and have an outdoor area. For a more upscale experience I'd choose Fig.

            2. Patsy's is Marcos.Mark re-opened and then moved to where Fine Friends used to be.He also has a location on Hendersonville Rd. that the kids run.GREAT PIZZA!