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Jun 17, 2000 07:12 PM

Charleston, SC

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Hey just found this site after seeing it in new mag called "Foodies" (pretty good).
Anyway. I am definately a Charleston Chow Hound (and Foodie) so anyone who wants some thoughts or suggestions re: this GREAT Culinary city. Pipe up.
BTW if you have money to burn the best bang for your buck IMAO is the Woodlands Resort in Summerville. About a 1/2 hr outside Charleston, Chef Ken Vedrinski is the best there is!



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    the yankee chef

    I'm a chef in beaufort Sc, and am planning a three day excursion to charleston next week. Would love to know all the places that i have to see. Am planning on checking out the Peninsula grill, mcgrady's and perhaps magnolia's, blossoms or s.n.o.b's. please let me know, thanks

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    1. re: the yankee chef

      My wife and I live in Charleston and are not fans of the Peninsula Grill, but if you want a 5-Star experience try Circa 1886 -- in a refurbished carriage house behind the Wentworth Mansion. For other wonderful eating experiences, consider Slightly North of Broad (SNOBs), Hominy Grill, Louis's and High Cotton.... I would pick any of them over Magnolia's, Blossoms or Carolinas. We haven't eaten at McCrady's since it reopened, but have heard many good things. It's hard to find a bad meal here... enjoy!

      1. re: the yankee chef

        Well, the "where the chef eats" places may be a bit difficult to find but here is my short list of musts!
        1) The Woodlands (Summerville) if you have the $$$$, Chef Ken Vedranski is the best!
        2) The Mustard Seed (Mt. Pleasant & James Island(less crowded))
        3) Maybank's - James Island - Chef Thomason used to be the Sous at the Woodlands!
        4) Mondo's Delight- James Island
        5) If you have to go downtown (which I avoid), we really like Il Cortile De Rey (King Street)- REAL , REAl Italian food and great wine!
        6)Downtown# 2 - Robert's - Great food, Prix Fixe Menu and wonderful entertainment

        E-mail me direct for more info or questions


      2. Looking for recipe for "noisy Oyster" crab dip.

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        1. re: lisa sammons

          After a disappointingly mediocre lunch at the Smokey Pig in Ashland VA last Friday, I was more than ready for some really really good 'cue. Fortunately Friday is a pig pickin day in SC, and Sweatman's in Holly Hill was just down the road.

          Sweatman's is actually located on Rte. 453 between Holly Hill -- a very nice looking little town with some very nice homes -- and Eutawville. Since the publication of the last edition of Roadfood, Sweatman's has added a sign and a phone. It's not hard to find at all.

          Most people get the adult pork plate, for $6.45. You get a plate and pile it up at the buffet. You get rice and hash (excellent), ribs in a tangy mustard sauce, fried skin (unbelievably good), succulent white meat (what might be called inside meat in NC), chewier dark meat (browner outside meat), slaw (mediocre at best; too sweet; NC slaw (Eastern or Western) blows this away), white bread (the classic BBQ accompaniment), and pickles. Two kinds of sauce to slather over everything: a sweet red sauce that I didn't try and a mustard sauce that was far less cloying then Maurice's and therefore far superior. And sweet tea, of course.

          This is barbecue at its best. The meat is the thing. If you don't dig on swine this is not for you. One plate is plenty; my brother (a true trencherman) took too much meat and couldn't finish. I was more than happy to help him out, since the sign says "Take all you want; eat all you take."

          I've already learned from my rookie mistakes: skip the slaw. More hash. Mix the light and dark meat together. See how many pieces of fried skin and ribs can be balanced on top.

          Oh, I almost forgot: you can get a cup of banana pudding for 60 cents. Get it!!

          Sweatman's is only about 15 minutes off I-95 and is open from 11:30 to 10:30 on Friday and Saturday. If you can resist stopping at the D&H in Manning about a half hour north, definitely stop at Sweatman's.

          1. re: Bob W.
            Lee McPherson

            I frequently fish the Santee Cooper area, unfortunately only during the week (to avoid the weekend warriors). As a sesult, I have only been to your restaurant once and it was SUPER!!! Wish you were open on Thursadays.

            Thanks for a great experience when I did have your BBQ.

            Lee McPherson

        2. I am married to a wonderful Charleston native, who happens to be an anti-chowhound. He hates ethnic food, and has never been to any of the decent restaurants in town, at least as far as those defined as decent by this messageboard. I need suggestions for decent ethnic dining in the Charleston vicinity (Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Szechuan, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc.). I especially would like to know if there's any decent sushi in Charleston, I mean authentic sushi, like uni, ankimo, anago, etc. If he ever convinces me to move there (he's dying of homesickness here in L.A.), it would be nice to know that I can get my monthly sushi fix for less than the price of a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles.

          Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.