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Jun 15, 2000 04:19 PM


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I thought I posted this yesterday but can't find it, so I apologize if it appears twice somewhere.

Tuesday night was the last night of a conference my office put on, and for that last dinner I contracted with Kent Rollins Red River Chuckwagon out of Hollis, OK. Kent takes his Chuckwagon anywhere you like for $25 a head & mileage. We held this dinner on the grounds of the Harn Homestead Museum, with Falderal String Band, and perfect weather.

Kent arrived early in the morning to start the fires and make charcoal. He cooked 150 New York Strip steaks over a grill he built out of a tractor tire rim & some grating. You could cut them with plastic picnic ware. There is a fire pit dug near the vegetable garden, and he laid a couple of pieces of sheet metal over it and three trivets of welded horse shoes. On top of this he stacked cast iron dutch ovens full of sourdough biscuits three or four high, with hot coals on the top one. It took about five minutes to bake the biscuits. There was also baked potatoes and camp beans and dutch oven peach cobbler. A friend of mine also came and baked dutch oven campfire cobbler from apricots she had just picked. That was incredible.

Good meal and lovely evening.

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  1. Omigod! Do you think Kent could be enticed to park his wagon on the sidewalks of Manhattan? I've got to stop reading these far-from-home boards!

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      I forgot to mention that Kent is going to be on The Food Network in the next few weeks on some program about Fantasy Cooking. Apparently a couple of guys "back east" had always dreamed of being chuckwagon cooks and Kent took them to his brother's ranch in Tahlequah (the forests of eastern Oklahoma) to try it out. He told me they changed their minds pretty fast.